Book excerpt: Storytelling for Startups — Why you should talk to your customers

In the second excerpt B2BNN is publishing from Mark Evans’ new book Storytelling for Startups, we look at the importance of talking to customers and how to do so effectively. To read the first excerpt we published, go here.  Story-driven marketing is a two-sided coin. Startups tell stories consumed by target audiences. That is a pretty […]

Book excerpt: Storytelling for Startups – How to tell your story, entrepreneurs

B2BNN will be publishing excerpts from Mark Evans’ new book Storytelling for Startups, available for purchase now. Every week for weeks, we’ll excerpt a new chapter from the book, and this week we’re introducing you to the idea of why startup entrepreneurs need to be great storytellers. Creating good stories is how startups convince preoccupied […]

Is networking really worth it?

To network or not to network that is the question often asked by many senior executives. On one hand, networking is an important way to establish relationships and drive business development. At the same time, networking can be time-consuming and not always a productive exercise. So how should senior executives approach networking, particularly at a […]