Digital Journal Group acquires award-winning content marketing measurement pioneer, SqueezeCMM

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TORONTO, September 16, 2015 – It’s a big statement when a customer acquires a vendor, and SqueezeCMM Inc. is delighted to announce today that one of its early alpha customers, Digital Journal Group, has acquired its content marketing measurement business. SqueezeCMM will play an integral role in Digital Journal Group’s portfolio of marketing, media and technology companies and investments going forward.

Along with the acquisition, SqueezeCMM is announcing the release of a new version of its content marketing platform, a significant step forward in innovation for the industry, co-developed with Digital Journal Group.

“There are thousands of vendors in the content marketing space, but there is nothing like SqueezeCMM,” said Chris Hogg, a partner in Digital Journal Group. “SqueezeCMM has a deep understanding of the needs and complexity of today’s enterprise marketing function, and the company understands content marketing’s true impact in business. We look forward to contributing to building SqueezeCMM’s vision, platform and technology going forward.”

According to a 2015 report from the Content Marketing Institute (pdf), 86% of businesses are using content marketing but only 21% say they are successful at tracking return on investment. The new version of SqueezeCMM is will make it easier for enterprises to connect content directly to ROI and business results.

“Content marketing data is often locked in many different platforms because so many channels use content, and that’s a key reason why marketers struggle to measure performance,” said Jen Evans, co-founder and inventor. “Critical data sits in adtech, search, web, publishing, marketing automation, email, native and social media silos that are not connected or related. Marketing executives want this data combined and turned into actionable insight. The new version of SqueezeCMM makes the connection, while giving customers more options for how that multi-platform dataset is captured, labeled and reported on.”

New features in SqueezeCMM include:

  • API
  • Advanced content marketing action and activity classification
  • Enterprise taxonomy management and updating features
  • Advanced, granular, customizable data visualization options
  • Business intelligence, alerts and algorithmic capabilities
  • Integration options with adtech and retargeting platforms
  • Customizable user controls and data management
  • Real-time response capabilities via alerts or predefined rules
  • Prioritized and contextual performance metrics

Existing customers will be transitioned to the new version of SqueezeCMM over the coming months.

“SqueezeCMM releases content marketers from being tied to a single platform for metrics,” said co-founder, Adam Tanton. “We used to be about URLs, but SqueezeCMM’s new API and analytics engine will allow us to create more value for B2B clients by ingesting and classifying search, web, email, marketing automation, social publishing and data from other platforms that exist in enterprise marketing operations today.”

“Data is becoming extremely valuable to clients, especially around content marketing performance,” said Evans. “We recently had our biggest day yet, recording more than 1.5 million activities in a single day. The new version of SqueezeCMM has been designed to be the scalable big data engine for content marketing data that comes from multiple sources.”

“SqueezeCMM has become an indispensable part of how we do business and measure performance,” said Hogg. “Content marketing performance measurement is a huge problem for CMOs today, and many of the tools available to marketers just don’t cut it; they’re basic click-tracking tools, or they just measure engagement or reach. They don’t track leads, and data is often bot-infested and not validated. Content marketing needs trusted cross-platform performance metrics and analytics that do more, so SqueezeCMM has the opportunity to lead a whole new category of marketing technology.”

Digital Journal Group was deeply involved in the development of the new version of the SqueezeCMM platform, and will lead product development with the founding team going forward, including deploying the product deeper across its businesses. SqueezeCMM will continue to operate as a separate brand, and the founders will remain and play an active role in continued growth and development.

“Marketers are making huge investments in content and need to measure it better,” said Marcus Daniels, CEO of HIGHLINEvc, an investor in SqueezeCMM. “SqueezeCMM is a product with tremendous potential that has successfully attracted global customers. Congratulations to Jen, Adam and Digital Journal Group for coming together to realize the potential.”

To learn more about SqueezeCMM or arrange a demo of its capabilities, please visit

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