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Dreamforce is Epic! 170,000 people arrive at Dreamforce to see the Godfather of SaaS lay out his future vision for Einstein and AI in customer data. And thus the question looms … Where does SFDC go from here? Enabling sales to keep better records is important but not exactly life changing and you can see the ambitious Benioff pushing at the limitations of where he can take his product to mainstream societal recognition. Incorporating AI, visible leadership on political topics (bravo, btw), active in medical research and in a nutshell, not your typical status obsessed valley investor. So will Benioff outgrow the company he built? We wouldn’t be surprised to see him put together something bigger and leave SFDC to his lieutenants. It appears to be happening unofficially, and it will be interesting to see what he decides to do next.

Elon Musk follows a girl. Allow me to nominate myself for #2. (But only if you’re into this election, solar power, payment processing and rocket ships. And Mars.)  #becauseits2016

We should all be watching Westworld. It’s about an amusement park that costs $40k a day, full of robots that populate a world where business meets tech and fantasy. It’s prescient and a bit discomfiting watch the new Westworld at the dawn of AR and VR, and see ethical AI dilemmas you had never even considered evolve onscreen. It already appears like a vast, if disturbing, improvement on the original, tackling some big questions about bioethics, business and the non-alive. A show more about the real implications of innovation and Silicon Valley, that halt and catch fire in many ways.

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