B2B News Network Tuesday Wrap: Play going Hamilton to Amsterdam, BIMM growing fastest in the US, and more

We’re back! Your biweekly summary of key headlines, moves, announcements and appointments in B2B worldwide will be coming at you every Tuesday and Thursday including top investment picks from Flippa! Session AI Announces Cartridge for B2C Commerce, a New Integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Session AI, which recently rebranded from ZineOne, launched an integration with […]

5 Ways Regulatory Compliance Improves Your Business

Source In today’s world, staying compliant is no longer an option. Especially since organizations are managing their operations remotely, governance bodies are getting more strict about following laws and guidelines. Failing to adhere to the regulations imposes hefty fines on organizations—small businesses or big enterprises. Here’s a thought—regulatory compliance isn’t as ‘brutal’ as it seems. […]

AI and CBD: How Machine Learning Can Help MMJ Card Services

Artificial intelligence is growing increasingly sophisticated. From its origins in science fiction, AI can now be found everywhere today, from self-driving cars to smartphones and apps. The technology has also trickled down to SMEs, with different industries making use of machine learning in sales, marketing and business process optimization. The medical marijuana card industry also […]

🚨The 10 most data-collecting, data sharing, privacy-invading, educational apps on Android

While it is not secret that app manufacturers collect insights and information about their users, it is a much bigger issue among educational apps since they are highly used by children. According to Atlas VPN research on 50 popular education apps, 92% of educational apps on Android collect user data. Language learning app HelloTalk and learning platform Google Classroom developed by […]