5 Spend Management Strategies to Increase Profit Margins for CFOs

LinkedIn: Vaccine Specialist is 2022’s Top Job on the Rise

Unsurprisingly, many of the jobs forecast to be 2022’s most popular include skill sets associated with the pandemic, including vaccine specialists and public health specializations. Many workforce factors on workforce are shifting, whether temporarily or permanently. From digitization to hybrid offices, the workplace is changing at a rapid pace. Industries have been upended, while at […]

How CIOs Can Overcome Challenges In B2B Marketing

  To begin with, the chief information officer (CIO) manages an organization’s information and technology (IT) resources and oversees the processes involved in establishing strategies and implementing them.  CIOs should know and understand a business’ technological requirements that will deliver the best value. Currently, competent CIOs are in high demand because of the rapid rate […]

Cisco study shows Canadian orgs are slow to adopt security architectures

Cisco released today its second annual Security Outcomes Study, which reveals some of the greatest advantages and impediments organizations face to achieve cybersecurity success.  The study found that Canadian organizations are lagging in their adoption of security architectures, and as a result are at a greater disadvantage in protecting against attacks. Only 39.5% have a mature implementation of Zero […]

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Organizations will be better prepared to fight cyber crime in 2022: Trend Micro

Today, Trend Micro released its cybersecurity predictions for 2022 which predicts that organizations will be better prepared to handle cyber risks as they build out and implement proactive security strategies.  Predictions include : threat actors will focus ransomware attacks on cloud and datacentre workloads and exposed services. Servers will become the main ransomware playground, as employees increasingly use […]

The best summer schools around the world

Participating in a summer school is an excellent way to boost a student’s CV and academic prospects. They can help students to stand out from other applicants as they gain extra qualifications, as well as a better understanding of their chosen subject area. Many summer schools are based in world-leading facilities and offer high-quality education […]

How Many Employees Should Your Startup Have?

Angling for a Promotion? Canadian? LinkedIn’s latest report says these factors matter

Can the role a person holds influence their odds of getting a promotion? How about their industry or their address? It turns out all these factors can influence how likely Canadians are to be promoted, according to new data from LinkedIn’s latest Get Ahead Special Report. LinkedIn investigated internal promotion rates compared to the national average […]

Experts Think A Return To In-Office Working Is For The Best – How Will Things Change?

Remote working is the pattern of choice for millions of workers, yet, there is evidence that a return to the office would improve their wellbeing. A report in CNBC highlights the view of one behavioral economist that the workplace is better for the health of workers and the health of a business, increasing productivity and boosting mental […]

UK Top Spenders on PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a way of ensuring your adverts get seen by the right people. One that is often for a smaller sum too. It is a way of advertising utilized by many businesses across the world. There are many businesses in the UK that are using this advertising strategy to great […]

Top cybercrime problems for 2021

At a time when organizations face a long list of cybersecurity problems, which ones should they prioritize? The answer is not simply to assess specific threats (tools, techniques, procedures), but the deeper problems that make attacks more dangerous. In this, recent history is always the most instructive tool. Ransomware vs the world There are fewer […]

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How To Find The Right HR Software For Your Business And Why It’s Important

Today, HR software has become an integral part of every company’s administrative and recruiting departments. A reliable human resource management software program can boost productivity and simplify rigorous tasks. This guide will walk you through the importance of having an HR software program for your business and some useful considerations to find the right kind […]