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78% of B2B CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing. That number demonstrates a sea change happening across the industry at an incredible pace. The combination of social, providing audience and access for content, and the explosion of platforms for content distribution, from Medium to Sprinklr to Dynamic Signal, shows that the shift is not stopping and that industries supporting content marketing will continue to expand.

Facebook’s Workplace is out and Tech Crunch warns that the enterprise is different. I’d say Facebook is likely pretty comfortable in the enterprise, and there is enormous opportunity still in digital workplace management, from recruiting to marketing solutions, to provide a complete offering. Facebook has so much existing data and connections and such a tremendous track record of execution that I wouldn’t be against them. Their legendary focus on usability could make their offerings more palatable to users than existing platforms alone. Have you tried Workplace? We’d love to hear from you.

Virtual assistants. There’s so much activity in the space, from x.AI to Siri. We’re excited to see this evolve into something that moves across devices, platforms and functions, seamlessly.


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Jennifer Evans
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