A B2B industry association takes only 15 seconds of TV time to show the value of its certification

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One of the hardest challenges for any industry association is convincing non-members (and even members) to pursue its professional certification program. This often involves a lot of e-mail campaigns, web site landing pages, in-person events and more. The Institute of Management Accountants, on the other hand, managed to make a convincing case in only a quarter of a minute’s worth of air time.

In a recent TV commercial that’s been airing during U.S. NFL games, the IMA pivots from the usual approach of extolling the virtues of certification and how it can propel everyday professionals into senior leadership positions. Instead, the clip uses a metaphor of height to depict what might happen if you don’t get certified — an existence that would be tough on your back muscles, to say the least:



In some respects, “Is there a low ceiling on your career” is a continuation of the “You’ve Got to Earn It” campaign from 2017, in which the IMA emphasized how accounting and finance professionals who earn the CMA are better positioned to thrive in the digital age. The anchor spot for the current campaign, “Be the most valuable voice in the room,” takes an equally humorous approach with body language:



“We hope this campaign educates professionals on the importance of CMA certification in developing the skills necessary to succeed both today and in the future,” IMA president and CEO Jeff Thomson said in a statement. “Earning the CMA certification is not just about staying relevant in today’s digital workplace, it is about thriving in it.”

The TV spots in the global campaign were produced by The Gate | New York, the association’s agency partner for four years running.

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Shane Schick
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