How to Attract Customers and Increase Walk-Ins to Your Local Store

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Businesses exist on their customers. The more customers they get, the better. As a business owner, your goal is to increase the traffic in your store. You want more visitors to come to you every day. 

However, with so much competition, it becomes challenging to get the attention of people. You want to do everything you can to get the customers to come to your store. Here’s how you could.

Keep Up With Trends

Customers will not be interested in your store if your products are outdated. You need to offer something new to them regularly. Give them a reason to keep on visiting your store.

Base your products according to the current season. Not just the climate but also the social events that usually happen at a particular time of the year. If it is summer, then display some items people would use for a beach trip. If it is back-to-school season, you should also offer things related to that. 

Aside from this, you can design your items with trending topics and pop culture. It could be about a blockbuster movie or memes and modern icons. 

Display Your Products

Transparent glass walls will help attract customers. It gives an inviting vibe. With glass walls, you can also display your products so people can see them from the outside. You should also update your window display regularly to showcase your new items. It also helps in creating the first impression on new lookers. 

Free Samples

Everybody loves free stuff! If you are selling edible treats, giving free samples of your bestseller will lure in more customers. Once they taste your samples, they would not be able to resist walking into your store and order.  

You can also provide free samples if you are part of other industries. You can give free scents to customers to give them an idea of your perfumes. A limited free trial for membership will also attract people. 

Put Up Some Compelling Signage


You have to broadcast to passers-by that you are open and ready for them. The people behind 1 Day Banner point out that more people can discover your business because of banners. Make sure you have clear signage to tell customers that you are open. You can put the menu on your banner to let them know without even going in. You can also use signages to show what the store can offer, like free wifi, sales, and discounts. 

Be Active On Social Media 

Creating social media accounts for your business will help with advertising. You can show off your local store by posting pictures and videos on your accounts. Social media is also a great place where you can send announcements to your followers. 


This means that your store must be instagramable. The place should be designed aesthetically, where your visitors will be delighted to take pictures and post them in their accounts. You should place your social media accounts all over your store so customers can tag you. 


These are just simple strategies you can do to increase your store visitors. Providing relevant products and services plus offering a well-managed and designed store will undoubtedly attract customers. Remember that you want to please the market, so plan your strategy around them. Always keep them in mind and make sure that they will have a good experience with you. 


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