Why Robotics Are Stuck in Neutral Without the Right Intelligent Human Labor Management Solution

By Mike Babiak, Longbow Advantage Throughout the industrial world and across every continent, businesses are making significant investments in robotics and automation. According to the McKinsey Global Industrial Robotics Survey, automated systems will account for 25% of capital spending over the next five years1. Many of these businesses believe robotics-driven automation systems will drive major benefits in output quality, efficiency, and uptime.  That being said, there are […]

How Rising Fuel Prices are Forcing Logistics Companies to Adjust B2B Deliveries

By Anar Mammadov, CEO — Senpex There was a season when it appeared that businesses could stop worrying about fuel prices; then, the season passed. As recent headlines have reported, gas prices in the US are once again on the rise. While rising gas prices impact virtually every segment of the business world, B2B logistics companies are affected more than most […]

Three Trends That Will Shape the Tech Industry in 2023

By Mick Cannon and Sean Ryan, Principals, Alexander Group, New York 2022 was an eventful year for the tech industry, with challenges that ranged from inflation rates that dominated news cycles to mass layoffs at blue chip companies. With looming economic uncertainty, in 2023, B2B tech will be forced to reckon with the results of the growth-first focus that has hallmarked […]

The future of work: how to support remote and hybrid teams

By Michelle Micuda, president, Staples Professional The pandemic has completely upended the way Canadians approach work – where it takes place, how we meet, when we log on, and off – and much more. In partnership with Angus Reid Group, Staples Professional surveyed office employees and senior decision-makers at businesses of all sizes across Canada to better understand the […]

Ransomware: Be ready for the growing threat

By Darren Yablonski The risks to business continuity have had many faces: malicious insiders, accidental deletion, and natural disasters to name a few. Today, the face of the enemy has changed. Ransomware is on the rise, making it the new top threat for organizations of all sizes. And as technological innovation grows, the threat posed by ransomware increases as well. Ransomware is consistently […]

Business Leaders Can No Longer Ignore Disability on the Inclusion Agenda

By Caroline Casey We’re at an incredible moment in time where disability is changing the future of work more than ever before, and business leaders can no longer walk away from this issue.  Putting disability inclusion on their corporate agenda is one of the most important things a business leader can do, because business is the most powerful force on the planet.  Disability has always been “the […]

Enabling business change through marketing automation/technology

Jill M. Speirs, President and CEO of M2 Partners, explains how successful marketing technology implementations have tostart with a new approach to procurement Companies have been investing in marketing technology for more than three decades. On the positive side such technology has helped businesses become more customer-centric and efficient. However, despite progress, organizations still face three key challenges. Marketing data is disparate and not consolidated […]

Removing barriers to data wrangling to let data scientists get down to the science

By Patrick Halpin, Vice President Data Science, 84.51° When data scientists are tasked with building a business solution, the goal is to efficiently develop a solution that’s accurate, reliable, and scalable. But the data science process involves so many steps that they often don’t get to spend enough time on the modeling or algorithmic development portion of the work needed to develop the optimal solution. At 84.51°, we’ve developed tools and resources that help data scientists focus […]

Empower Customer Success Teams with Scalable, Data-triggered Proactive Communication

By Ella Dillon Customer success platforms revolutionized companies’ abilities to understand their customers. These systems make it possible to identify problems, opportunities, and challenges, giving Customer Success teams an unprecedented view of all the interactions taking place across all the touchpoints. There’s only one problem. The number of conversations a Customer Success Manager (CSM) needs to have to […]

B2B Commerce in the Opt-In Era

By Vinny Maurici, Vice President, Data Strategy & Services, Pivotree For years, companies have been able to track their users’ website and app activity across other companies’ apps and websites, using the resulting data for advertising purposes or for sharing with data brokers.  Last year, Apple launched a highly anticipated privacy feature: App Tracking Transparency (ATT). […]

The State of B2B Marketing Budgets: Higher Expectations, New Strategies and Optimism

  By Colby Cavanaugh, SVP of Marketing, Integrate  It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color, the weather is cooling down, and pumpkin spice inexplicably makes its way into everything from lattes to dog treats. And for many B2B marketers, these signs of fall also mean budget season. It’s a time when […]