Getting Compensation: A How-To Guide To Exercising Your Legal Rights

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Getting injured is never fun. When your injury impacts other areas of your life like your work performance or financial standing or is caused by someone being negligent, things can get even more emotional. It can be overwhelming to deal with and confusing, given how complicated the law is. You might be left wondering what recourse you can take and what you’re entitled to. The following will explore several key things you might want to keep in mind if you’re pursuing compensation for an injury or harm.

Of course, every legal situation is different, and this means that your particular context might warrant additional steps. Be sure to reach out to a legal professional in order to understand how this information applies to you directly.

Understand That You Often Can Pick Only One Route

One of the most important things to understand when you’ve been injured and feel as though compensation might be in order is that in many cases, pursuing one path to compensation legally excludes you from pursuing other paths. This means that you might not want to sign anything with an insurance company (or, indeed, even speak to them) until you’ve talked to a lawyer. You want to know what all your options are before you select one because you might be unknowingly limiting yourself.

Be wary of any insurance company employees or parties involved in the incident that is urging you to reach a quick solution. Take a step back and understand that when it comes to injuries and money, many people want to avoid big expenses or negative impacts on their reputation or the reputation of their business. Don’t sign anything or take any meetings until you have a grasp on what paths are available and what route you want to take.

Speak To A Lawyer

One of the best things you can do if you’ve been injured is to speak to a legal professional. You want to talk to someone who specializes in the type of incident that has occurred and is located in the state (or ideally city) where it occurred. The law varies drastically from state to state and between specializations. This means if you’ve been injured in, let’s say, Denver, you’re searching for a personal injury attorney in Denver. A local lawyer might also have experience working with local judges and insurance companies, and so might be better prepared for the tactics and thought processes needed to handle your situation.

Save All Your Receipts

This point makes total sense but can sometimes slip your mind when you’re dealing with an injury. You want to save all your receipts, even those that don’t seem related to your injury. A lawyer will help you compile an accurate estimation of how much an injury has cost you, and receipts can help with this. Property damage repairs, medical bills, new clothing if what you were wearing was stained or a cast or other medical device has made you need a different size, meals while you’re waiting at the hospital, medications, comfort devices, and many other purchases can be covered by compensation.

Calculate Your Losses

While saving receipts can help remind you of odd purchases made due to your injury, like the six-dollar coffee you bought while waiting in the emergency room at 2 am, there are other losses that have financial equivalents as well. Think about hours at work lost, not just in the present but in the future. Think about promotions that might not be had now that your injury prevents you from completing your work as efficiently as you previously could. Think about babysitting or daycare needed for the kids during your physiotherapy visits. Think about medical costs. Think about the price of mental health professionals if you’re struggling in that department after the accident. Mental health is a serious concern after an accident, so much, so that car accidents are actually the number one cause of PTSD in America. It’s normal to need help with this stage of the process, as it can be really challenging to put a number on your own suffering. A legal professional can help.

Follow Instructions With Care

Yes, you’re stressed out and worried about bills and other obligations that you can no longer maintain, but that doesn’t mean you can skip any steps. The law is strict, and this means you need to follow all instructions given to you by a lawyer with precision. It’s also a good idea not to leave anything until the last minute. There are lengthy backlogs happening all across the legal system right now due to the coronavirus lockdowns and subsequent pushing back of court dates. Follow instructions promptly for the best results.

The above information should help you get the compensation and legal protection you deserve post-injury. The process can be incredibly stressful, so it’s a good idea to find a close friend, colleague, or family member who is unrelated to the incident to whom you can speak when things feel especially heavy. Caring for yourself and getting enough sleep is critical right now.

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