Trade Schooled: 8 High Paying Trade Careers That Are Always In Demand

Trade Schooled: 8 High Paying Trade Careers That Are Always In Demand
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If you are in search of a career path that doesn’t involve boatloads of debt, unnecessary classes, and saturated job markets, then opting for trade school could be right for you. Unlike four-year universities, trade schools are a quick and affordable gateway to success. In addition, trade schools offer a hands-on experience where you will learn essential skills and techniques needed to succeed across various industries.

Skilled Trades are Always in Demand 

Not only does a career in a skilled trade pay well, but there is always an abundance of work. Trade jobs are known for always being in demand and having a surplus of opportunities. The only thing you need to figure out is which trade is right for you. So, whether you are just applying to trade school or considering a career change, here are the top eight trade jobs that are always in demand. 

1. HVAC Technician 

As an HVAC technician, your job is to repair, install, and maintain heating systems, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and ventilation systems. Responsibilities include everything from upgrading equipment, performing maintenance checks, replacing filters, and installing heat pumps. You also have the opportunity to either specialize in all services or focus on a specific niche. 

2. Plumber

As long as houses have running water, there will always be a need for a plumber. A plumber’s duty involves everything from repairing water and gas lines to installing appliances like toilets, sinks, washing machines, and more. Working as a plumber is also one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers. You not only have to be strong enough to maneuver heavy appliances, but you have to think critically and understand the ins and outs of plumbing systems. 

3. Construction Managers

Construction is another industry that is always in need of workers. As a construction manager, you will work closely with architects and engineers as you manage job sites and oversee operations. You can work on either commercial, residential, or federal projects and will manage building material, prices, and labor costs. If you are a self-starter, you can get your license in construction and start your own business. 

4. Landscape Designer

If you are creative, who loves working outside, consider a career as a landscape designer. Landscape designers are in charge of picking the perfect plants to create beautiful and intricate landscapes for gardens and residential projects. A Landscaper designer’s responsibilities include working with clients, creating and presenting designs, and understanding environmental information such as which kinds of plants and soils go together. 

5. Auto Mechanics and Service Technicians 

With more and more drivers on the road, there is a growing demand for mechanics and technicians. While mechanics work in auto shops and dealerships building and repairing cars, service technicians work in service shops and perform maintenance checks such as oil changes and tire rotations. 

6. Electricians

As one of the most essential trades under the construction industry umbrella, electricians literally light up the world. Electricians are responsible for maintaining and installing the power systems that run our homes, business, factories, and stores. Electrician duties involve anything from reading and understanding blueprints to repairing components and troubleshooting electrical problems. 

7. Concrete Masons

There is no construction industry without concrete, so if you are looking for a job with abundant job opportunities, consider working as a mason. While the work could be complex and physically demanding, the need for masonry positions is growing exponentially, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Masons are in charge of laying concrete driveways, curbs, foundations, and more. 

8. Carpentry

Carpentry is another creative manual labour career path that has unlimited potential. Many consider carpentry an artistic pursuit as you have to design, create, and install wooden structures. Other duties include drawing plans, taking measurements, talking to clients, and more. 

Find a Path That is Right for You

Narrowing down a trade could be a daunting task, but it is important to weigh your options and find the career that is right for you. 

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