bare metal servers

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Bare Metal Cloud Services

Cloud services are essential for any modern business with significant online activity and storage needs. With the introduction of bare metal cloud services, every small business owner should reconsider using traditional cloud services. Traditional cloud services involve storing information on virtual servers that users share. Bare metal cloud services include storing data on physical servers […]

Want To Become A Professional In Cyber Security? Here's How To Do It

Want To Become A Professional In Cyber Security? Here’s How To Do It

Thanks to modern technology, more and more businesses are harnessing the power of IT. B2B companies are taking advantage of big data and increasing amounts of confidential information are being stored in the cloud. Sadly, cybercrime is on the increase and the perpetrators rarely standstill. As new technologies are developed, the vulnerabilities that can be […]

How To Choose A SaaS Vendor

  A SaaS or Software-as-a-Service vendor is a cloud provider that hosts, supports, and maintains the servers, databases, and code that allows an application software to be accessed by end-users through an Internet connection or a web browser.   SaaS vendors offer different types of applications to people. Just like other on-demand cloud services, end-users pay […]