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Best Practices for An Effective Knowledge Management Strategy

No matter the industry, more companies have begun to recognize that knowledge is an asset and should be shared across the workforce. To harness the value of their shared knowledge, companies have started to create a knowledge management strategy specific to their organization. Knowledge management strategies help employees by empowering them to create, collaborate, and […]

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How Digital Transformation is Reshaping the Global Marketplace

Digital technology is impacting everything on a global scale, from stem cells to outer space. Organizations that adopt and implement digital transformation (DX) strategies, and digital maturity models are already experiencing profound changes in the way they do business and how they are perceived on the international stage. Early adopters and ambassadors of DX are […]


The Blockchain: Google Docs of the Global Economy

If you’re new to the blockchain concept, you’re not alone. It sounds more complex than it really is. However, the impact that the blockchain will have on digitally transforming the global economy will be dramatic. From banks to fintech, e-commerce to self-service, the blockchain is redefining (and disrupting) the way we transmit value to each […]