How female lawyers admire their colleagues differently than men

An exhaustive new study of 2,000 general counsels in 55 countries reveals that men and women holding the title have very different views of what makes for a good relationship with their outside lawyers and law firms. The research from Acritas Sharplegal finds that the cultural barriers preventing women from rising more quickly and successfully […]

It’s time to stop pretending lawyers are salespeople

As a long-time practitioner of law marketing, I’ve seen an unending series of workshops, training sessions, seminars and conferences to encourage lawyers to get more business. I’ve led some and spoke at others. With help, training and coaching do enable some lawyers to get better at business development. But in my experience they were on the cusp […]

How lawyers, firms are ignoring the ‘social’ in social media

The Harvard Business Review proclaims that “content is king” in digital and social media marketing. Yet many lawyers and law firms remain mired in the past, using websites, LinkedIn pages and Twitter accounts mostly to shout “Me!” to the world. Used properly, social media starts a conversation. But whether it is LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, the […]