The importance of the greater data centric shift by B2B organizations as we produce data at a big pace

The shift to a more data centric approach

Why B2B organizations need to shift to a more data-centric approach Businesses are producing and analyzing data at a rapidly increasing rate. Whether it’s financial information, manufacturing and supply chain data, customer insights, or statistics from Internet-of-Things-enabled devices, data is generating new insights. The data-centric approach is creating new efficiencies and contributing to the bottom […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How to best analyze channel sales performance

To succeed in the channel, B2B firms must examine the shortcomings of common data analysis methods with emphasis on how they’re used to monitor and measure an organization’s channel sales activities and performance. In addition, a data analytics solution must have certain components, especially for trend analysis. “Channel teams develop incentive programs blindly or using […]