2014 Canadian VC is having a big year – view from the VC side

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The latest Canadian VC numbers are in and activity is tracking to be up about 16 percent this year with $1.6 billion worth of investments spread over 361 deals, according to the CVCA.

No surprise that Ontario lead the way with $580 million invested, an increase of 66 percent from last year with both Quebec ($397M) and B.C. ($229M) on track for growth as well. Most of this growth in Q3 is driven by large deals nicely spread across the country in key startup ecosystems: Hootsuite Media (Vancouver), Desire2Learn (Kitchener), FreshBooks (Toronto) and LightSpeed Retail (Montreal).

I’m excited to see how Q4 can finish off with strong momentum for an even stronger 2015.


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Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels is the CEO and co-founder of Highline, Canada's premier and most successful high growth startup accelerator.

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