Three steps to take back control of your SAP landscape

By Joe Byrne, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics Businesses in all sectors rely on SAP to bring together data from across functions in order to seamlessly plan, allocate, and deploy resources across complex supply chains. Numerous business applications depend entirely on SAP to fulfill their purpose to end users, from the frontend — such as e-commerce […]

7 Employee Recognition Ideas To Boost Morale And Company Culture

The success factor of any company is employee motivation and corporate culture. Whereas motivation is those things that encourage an employee to perform better, culture is in their minds and influences their perception, feelings, and behavior. Employee recognition is one factor that promotes motivation and culture and is objectively reflected in the company’s success.  Every […]

Tips to Run Effective Team Meetings

5 Tips to Run Effective Team Meetings

Team meetings are crucial when running a company. They are the key to building great communication with your employees, a place where your team members can share their ideas, brainstorm together, and try to solve the company’s problems. However, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important and let it run the wrong way. Without […]

Waze Announces New CMO

Waze, a leading crowd-sourced navigation app, today announced the appointment of its new Chief Marketing Officer. Waze’s statement: Today, Harris Beber joins Waze as our Chief Officer (CMO) to lead global marketing, partnerships, and communications. Harris has more than 20 years of experience building and scaling mission-driven consumer and technology brands and is passionate about using storytelling […]

5 Top-Level Execs Who Give Back

Between managing a business and personal life, it can be hard to believe that entrepreneurs have time to sleep, much less donate their time and money to charity. Nonetheless, a recent study has shown that business owners donate 50% more than those who don’t own businesses and also tend to volunteer more of their time. However, entrepreneurs […]

Six Debt Financing Options Growing Brands Must Consider

By Anthony Santomo, Founder and CEO, Ampla Most growing brands seek outside funding to support their growth. Often, they use this capital for everything from producing inventory to increasing marketing efforts. Capital becomes the backbone of their growing business. Unfortunately, traditional lending solutions are not built to support emerging brands longterm. Last year, The Federal Reserve Bank reported that only 30% of […]

manage field-based teams

How To Effectively Manage Your Field-based Teams

When it comes to managing field-based employees, there are several key components that must be considered. These components include understanding the skills your team needs, knowing how to motivate and inspire them, using best practices for communicating with them, and more. Walkie Talkie app One helpful resource that can help field-based employees is Walkie Talkie. […]