manage field-based teams

How To Effectively Manage Your Field-based Teams

When it comes to managing field-based employees, there are several key components that must be considered. These components include understanding the skills your team needs, knowing how to motivate and inspire them, using best practices for communicating with them, and more. Walkie Talkie app One helpful resource that can help field-based employees is Walkie Talkie. […]

Choosing the Right HMIS Software

Why The Minimum?

by Cindy Sternberg The Covid-19 pandemic struck Canada, and despite hope it would be like the earlier SARS arrival, it continues to wreak havoc on the economy. Attempts to reopen and get the economy on the move have been hampered by hiring difficulties across many industries. One in particular is the restaurant sector. ​Food service […]

9 Bad Communication Habits to Break

Good communication is essential for the success of both individual and business relationships. The process involves encoding, transmitting, decoding, and receiving feedback for a message. It helps you effectively perform the four management functions: planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. Bad communication habits make it harder to interact with your clients, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders. […]

Corporate Success Through Leadership Credential Building

Building leadership credentials helps to strengthen your leadership skills, and according to 80% of business executives, company leadership is crucial to organizational success. In a 2017 study, Lacarenza pointed out that leadership credential building led to an 8% improvement in employee performance, and improved leadership behavior by 28%. Building your team’s leadership skills is therefore crucial to your company’s success.  How […]

HP Canada President: Canada can become a digital manufacturing powerhouse

Canada’s story has always been one of resilience, collaboration and ingenuity and in no time has that been truer than over the course of this year. COVID-19 was a systemic shock—not just for Canada but for nearly every nation on earth. It revealed a soft underbelly to what we previously considered to be steadfast, resilient […]

Study: Basic Income program would create 600,000 jobs in Canada

A report shows #BasicIncome can speed up Canada’s recovery & grow the economy sustainably. The report, which will be presented during a webinar on Saturday December 12, outlines the following anticipated results from a national basic income program:  $80B/yr in GDP 600K jobs $15B/yr business investments to expand/hire $32B/yr in total wages 3.2M families out […]

Polarized? Study finds nearly 75% of 🇨🇦 Canadians seek common ground

New social harmony index finds nearly 75% of Canadians seek common ground -Study highlights national core values relate to social focus over individual focus-   Contrary to the perception of growing national polarization, and just in time for the season of peace and goodwill—the first annual Canadian Social Harmony Index™ has benchmarked Canadians’ willingness to […]