Survey: Lead gen top priority for B2B marketers

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Lead generation is the number one goal of content marketers looking ahead to 2015, followed by thought leadership, according to a recent survey.

Conducted by  IDG Enterprise in partnership with the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, the survey found 30 percent of B2B companies have a formal content strategy. The report also highlighted several challenges B2B marketers face in content marketing.

“The most mentioned content marketing challenge is finding enough time and resources to create content,” wrote the authors of the survey. “The next biggest content marketing challenge is producing enough content, followed by producing truly engaging content to serve the needs of marketing programs.”

Around 34 percent of content marketers said that “developing a consistent content strategy was an issue in 2014. A total of 31 percent of survey respondents said that budget continued to be a problem when it came to producing content.”

The survey also found that LinkedIn remains the top social network to distribute content marketing material. Twitter came second, and YouTube took the third spot.

An earlier survey in December revealed that 54 percent of marketers expect their budgets to increase within the next year. Email marketing will comprise most of the spend, with 60 percent of respondents claiming that this is primarily how they will use their money.

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David Silverberg
David Silverberg is the former editor-in-chief of Digital Journal Inc. He helped pioneer Digital Journal's proprietary technology to leverage content from writers from across the world. He was the host of Digital Journal's annual Future of Media event. David has been published in various publications, writing on everything from technology trends to celebrity profiles.

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