Find out why iOS 8 is still making your iPad, iPhone buggy

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If you’ve been using iOS 8 and praying to the Apple Jobs, er, I mean, Gods, for a far less frustrating experience, we have some bad news for you. It’s being reported that four months after its release, Apple‘s new iOS is plaguing users with bugs affecting Wi-Fi, Calendar and Bluetooth connectivity.

Wi-Fi stability issues drive most of the complaints, as ZDNet notes. Devices will drop the connection periodically, forcing the user to disconnect and reconnect. Check out this thread that began when iOS 8 was made available for download; it now has now grown to over 100 pages and gathered over half a million views.

Another painful bug for BYOD users is a calendar bug where events are displayed with GMT times rather than local time.

Other problems that have yet to be addressed include Bluetooth connectivity, battery drain and photo-reordering issues.

Even with Apple’s release of  iOS 8.1.3, the bugs in question haven’t been zapped.

The last hope for users still facing a paltry iOS 8.1.3 update release is iOS 8.2, which still doesn’t have a release date. “The most likely arrival time of iOS 8.2 is April, when the Apple Watch will be officially launched in stores and online,” we learn here.

A ray of sunshine is warranted for the iOS 8.1.3, though.  The update fixed a few issues: the amount of storage needed to perform updates has been reduced, and a bug with logging in to Face Time has also been corrected.

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