Hashtag Team: B2B innovation, confronting sales challenges, why female execs are marginalized

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What’s trending this week in the B2B Twittersphere? As we do every week, the Hashtag Team column analzyes Twitter to list what B2B insiders are discussing in marketing, advertising, Big Data, leadership and more!

This week we feature posts on how to boost content reach using social media, five problems every B2B salesperson faces, and the gender gap in what Google surfaces for B2B company CEO searches.

Note: All data was sifted and sorted via Nexalogy, a B2BNN technology partner.


 B2B Big Data

In this Business Insider article, Bernard Marr of the World Economic Forum posits that Big Data is little more than a fad—or at least the term ‘Big Data’ is. The uniquely human desire to collect and store data is nearly as old as humanity itself, and the concept of data collection and analysis will long outlive the buzzword du jour.

B2B Social Media

Social Media Examiner examines the best ways to publicize content on various popular social media networks. According to author Eric Sui, Facebook posts should be shared once, while taking care not to post new content more than two or three times in the first week after it goes live. On Twitter, content should be shared three or four times in the first 24 hours, using different copy, hashtags and mentions with each new tweet. For Pinterest and Instagram, Sui recommends pinning all blog post images to these sites, while sharing visual elements to relevant pinboards on Pinterest or in Instagram feeds.

B2B Marketing/Innovation

According to a recent B2B International marketing study, 72 percent of US companies listed innovation as one of their five biggest current business challenges. Despite this, American marketers remain focused mainly on branding, value marketing, and segmentation.

B2B Marketing

Modern’s Nicola Ray laments how Google searches for male and female CEOs turn up markedly different results, with women all too often trivialized or shown in submissive roles. Toothy smiles and tilted heads characterized Ray’s female search results, while men are shown in more serious, authoritative poses conveying power and prestige. Ray asserts the need for more positive imagery featuring female CEOs, instead of photos of “women laughing alone with salad.”



“5 Problems Every B2B Salesperson Faces” By Visualistan

5 Problems Every B2B Salesperson Faces #infographic

One of the latest infographic releases from the always prolific Visualistan details the top five sales struggles every B2B professional must deal with, such as salespeople overwhelmed with multitasking and feeling challenged by analytics.

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