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Ask the B2B Expert: How B2B marketing varies wildly from B2C marketing

Last updated on August 25th, 2015 at 04:20 pm

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This week, our first question relates to B2B vs. B2C marketing:

Hi B2Bnn! I work in B2B marketing for a mar-tech firm after spending a decade in B2C marketing. What’s the difference in approaches and strategies when comparing B2C and B2B marketing?

The answer:

The biggest difference is how decisions are made. Almost all B2B decisions are based on either enhancing or improving some function of the business.

The next is the audience. Most B2B audiences are niche. So you have to use a focused vs a mass approach to marketing and communications. Just about everyone is a candidate for cookies or jewellery, but not everyone is a candidate who needs a VPN router.
So it’s very important to understand your niche of the audience: what they need, where they go, how they engage online, or you could literally spend your entire budget and miss your audience.

Needs and business pains being the most important things to focus on.

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