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1 in 4 execs say Internet of Things is already delivering results

Last updated on February 4th, 2016 at 04:09 pm

TEKsystems, an IT staffing company, found close to one in four organizations (22 percent) have reached the stage where IoT initiatives “are having a substantial impact” on their businesses.

The survey also found “the majority of organizations (55 percent) expect IoT initiatives to have a high level of impact on their business over the next five years.”

More than 200 IT and business leaders were polled in Nov. 2015 on project ownership, implementation status, risks, required skill sets and organizational preparedness.

Companies adopting IoT initatives have high hopes for impressive returns. The firms implementing IoT innovations anticipate benefits such as creating a better user and customer experience (expected by 64 percent), sparking innovation (56 percent), creating new and more efficient working practices and business processes (52 percent), and creating new revenue streams in terms of products and services (50 percent).

Roadblocks do remain for IoT mass adoption, the survey found. ZDNet writes: “Increased exposure of data/information security is the biggest challenge to realizing IoT potential for half of organizations. Other early-stage concerns include return on investment (ROI)/making the business case (42%), and interoperability with current infrastructure/systems (37%). One-third of respondents indicate finding the right staff/skill sets is also a challenge.”

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