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Hashtag Team: Making social work for B2B sales, the FinTech opportunity

Last updated on January 18th, 2016 at 06:13 pm

Welcome to another episode of Hashtag Team, our weekly round-up of the top B2B trends surfacing on Twitter. This week we look at the role of social in B2B sales campaigns, organizing your content marketing calendar efficiently, the B2B opportunity in FinTech, and much more.

As always, we harness the powerful tech of Nexalogy to help us sift through the clutter to find the tweets everyone in the B2B is discussing right now.


B2B Social Marketing:

Does your marketing strategy allow you to influence potential buyers who have a penchant for learning? Are your sales teams aligned with investments in content creation and delivery? In this Harvard Business Review article, Bain & Company partner Mark Kovac, who heads the firm’s global Sales & Channel Effectiveness group, asserts that companies which expand the scale and scope of their digital footprint to make strong first impressions will be able to best capitalize on opportunities inherent in customers’ new digital behavior. A must-read for any B2B company looking to jumpstart their sales.

B2B Influencer Marketing:

TopRank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden explores five ways that influencer marketing can grow your B2B company in the year ahead. Odden says that “optimized, socialized, publicized and influencer-activated should all be on your content checklist,” with a focus on marketing, public relations, recruiting, customer service, and corporate social responsibility.

“Increasing effectiveness and in some cases, lowering costs, are all part of the realm of possibilities when working with influencers,” Odden asserts. “The key is to maintain those relationships in a way that justifies your brand’s effort and creates value for participating influencers equally and satisfactorily.”


B2B Podcast: 

How is your content marketing plan and strategy coming along for 2016? Are you ready to create and deliver valuable content that will inspire, connect and organically attract your ideal customer, audience, investors, stakeholders, and partners?

Marketing Nutz founder and CEO Pam Moore, a leading social media marketing expert, offers a 2016 content marketing editorial calendar template to help you create an effective calendar for the year ahead. Moore helps you avoid pitfalls and provides guidance for leveraging and integrating social media, powerful branding and digital marketing in this informative podcast.

B2B Infographic 

Amit at Let’s Talk Payments incisively examines 28 leading FinTech companies operating in the B2B space with an eye toward helping you make sense of the often inefficient and expensive world of B2B payments.

Some of the most daunting challenges facing B2B execs include international payments, working capital optimization, zero cash visibility and friction in buyer-supplier relations. A growing number of startups are tackling these and other problems, streamlining and simplifying B2B payments and improving settlements and reconciliation of business commerce.


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