Top three psychology lessons to learn when selling SaaS

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In a blog post by Wilson of Inspire Beats, learn about the psychological ways to court clients to boost sales of your SaaS product.

In terms of sales, what are the three most important things to know about psychology?

1. People want to be sold to – they want to buy as quick as possible

I used to work at a mobile app development company where we only got 12 leads a month to our site. A pitiful number. So I was tasked with finding an SEO agency to get our number of leads up.

To do this I went to a couple dozen SEO agency websites and filled out their contact forms. In that case, I not only wanted to be sold to – but I wanted to buy by the end of the week.

So, the agencies that called or were first to respond and ask the right questions ended up being on the shortlist.

It’s something to keep in mind when going after your customers: people want to buy your product, especially if the leads you’re reaching out to are high quality. If you’re emailing folks that you know will find value in what you’re selling, they want to buy from you and you shouldn’t be afraid to sell them.

2. Customers are highly educated – you just have to repeat things they read

Back to the mobile app example: back then, a lot of my customers were business owners, and if you’re a startup founder there’s a pretty good chance you’ve either read the book Lean Startup, or at least know about lean methods, the business canvas, etc.

When I talked to these customers, all I had to do was quote the lean startup and say a few keywords that I knew they’d come across online.

When they heard familiar terms, these potential clients trusted me more, and it made them more likely to buy.

It’s the same for you – read up on a few industry blogs: they don’t even have to be hidden or buried ones, but you want to know the content of what you’re selling better than the customer. More importantly, know what they’re reading so that you can reference back to it.

When customers sense that you’ve studied the space more than they have, they’ll automatically trust and want to buy from you.

3. You can sell on impulse and the customer will be happy with the purchase later

This is something I struggled with for a long time. When you’re on the phone to sell your SaaS product, and all of your pricing is on your website, customers should be able to make a decision right away – even if you have to push them a little.

If you walk them through the entire credit card process while on the phone and they end up buying – assuming your SaaS is high quality and actually fits their needs, they’ll justify the decision after the fact and won’t refund.

Some will even thank you for pushing them. And you’ll end up with more closed deals.

Published on the InspireBeats blog by Wilson. Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2016.


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