The top Big Data books coming this spring

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SAP. Oracle. Microsoft. IBM. Big Data is a more than $100 billion industry, and latest figures show that it is growing by almost 10 percent a year. Large-scale data intelligence is relevant for every industry and every business.

If you want to stay ahead of the Big Data trends and breakthroughs, you may want to check out the latest releases in Big Data books coming this spring.

Here is the B2B NN list of what to check out in the coming months:

Big Data in Practice: How 45 successful companies used Big Data analytics to deliver extraordinary results

By Bernard Marr
Release Date: April 2016
Publisher: Wiley
Price: $50

bigdatainpracticeAs a follow-up to the best-selling Big Data, author Bernard Marr looks at how companies have successfully used large scale data  in Big Data in Practice, using live examples.

While organizations know in general that Big Data is important, many have not yet grasped how to harness it, or even what to do with it. This book aims to fill the knowledge gap by “showing how major companies are using Big Data every day, from an up-close, on-the-ground perspective.” Case studies include companies from both consumer and business. B2B examples include healthcare computer company Apixio, marketing technology company Acxiom, business intelligence provider Experian, and career-centred social media platform LinkedIn.

In addition to being a bestselling author, Bernard Marr is also a keynote speaker, strategic performance consultant, and analytics, KPI and Big Data expert. CEO Journal has acknowledged him as one of today’s leading business brains.

The Co-Creation Edge: Harnessing Big Data to Transform Sales and Procurement for Business Innovation

By Francis Gouillart and Bernard Quancard
Release Date: April 2016
Publisher: Pallgrave Macmillan
Price: $40

This is Big Data specifically for the B2B market: With the advent of the better informed customer combined with web-based alternatives, the sales and procurement process as we know it is changing. If the professionals within these two separate fields don’t change with it, they might find themselves rendered extinct. Change means co-creation and partnership to develop a high-value middle ground between the sales management team at the supplier end, and purchasing management team at the client end.

In The Co-Creation Edge, authors Gouillart and Quancard identify six trends that can help B2B sales and procurement professionals develop new skills and adopt new practices. Because they are not “best practices,” the authors cleverly refer to them as “next practices.” These trends include (among others) organizing problem-solving networks across company boundaries, creating processes for live cross-company engagement, and facilitating data driven, cross-company interactions fed by digital platforms.

Strategy is Digital: How Companies Can Use Big Data in the Value Chain

By Carlos Cordon, Pau Garcia-Milà, Teresa Ferreiro and Pablo Caballero
Release Date: May 2016
Publisher: Springer
Price: $69.99

Learn strategies and practices to help your company cope with the changing landscape of business models. Not only does Strategy is Digital look at case studies from traditional companies in both B2B and B2C like LEGO, Yamato and Mediq, it examines small start-ups like Space Tango, which is partnering with multinational organizations to develop new business models with Big Data.

In Strategy is Digital, the authors seek to show why businesses need to adapt to Big Data, and help them begin the process of planning and implementing Big Data strategies. Included are takeaway lessons from which readers can learn to make intelligent decisions to give their companies a leg up on the competition.

Real-time Big Data Analytics

By Sumit Gupta and Shilpi Saxena
Release Date: March 2016
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Price: $35.99

realtimbigdataBusiness today is struggling to deal with the challenges of using real-time data to make smart decisions. Many technological advancements have arisen to address these challenges, but not every solution is appropriate for every enterprise. Real-time Big Data Analytics is a technical book which looks at varied real-time data processing frameworks and technologies using live applications as examples, including Apache Storm, Amazon Kinesis, Apache Spark and Spark Streaming.

Learn how to design, process and analyze large sets of complex data in real time. This text is for Big Data architects, developers and programmers who want to develop applications and frameworks to implement real-time analytics using open source technologies. It can be a heady book for the layperson, but ideal for those deep in the trenches.

The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data

By Michael P. Lynch
Release Date: March, 2016
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.
Price: $25.95

While other publications are focusing on how to use Big Data, author and philosopher Michael Patrick Lynch examines the impact of the internet on what it means to be human. In an age where the mantra “seeing is believing” has shifted to “Googling is believing,” Lynch argues that the Internet, with its vast amounts of knowledge, has produced a paradox: we know more than ever, yet we understand less.

The Internet of Us seeks to examine, from a philosophical position, technology and the way we adapt our minds to the unending stream of new tools and gadgets on our wrists, in our pockets and on our laps. It also examines the most urgent issues facing digital life today, including how using Big Data alone to predict cultural changes can be detrimental. For those wanting to understand Big Data in a cultural and societal context, The Internet of Us takes readers far deeper than the latest hype and buzz-words.


Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide your Content Marketing

By James Mathewson and Mike Moran
Release Date: May 2016
Publisher: IBM Press
Price: $16

outsideinThe “inside-out” marketing approach — your brand, your product, your company — doesn’t work anymore. Content marketing is about the “outside-in” approach: engaging, fascinating and motivating your audience with messages about issues in which they’re already interested.

With Outside-In Marketing, readers will learn how to integrate Big Data into their content marketing strategies in order to deliver the right content to the right customers and influencers.

Authors and digital marketing thought leaders Mathewson (IBM) and Moran (Converseon) teach readers how to transform marketing practices and campaigns with Big Data. They show how to infuse search and social data into product development from the beginning, and to measure campaign results more accurately. And they outline how to use advanced text analytics and machine learning applications (like Panda, Penguin and Caffeine) to maximise ROI.


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