15 min webinar on tracking native ads for lead generation [Sponsored]

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If you’re currently using native ads for your business and want to increase conversions, check out this free webinar on Thursday afternoon, courtesy the SqueezeCMM team [a B2B NN partner].

On Thursday March 10 at 1 p.m.ET, SqueezeCMM’s Jennifer Evans will run this free webinar on how to effectively track your native ads to boost your lead generation efforts.

The 15 min webinar is short, sweet, and gets straight to the point. You’ll learn key insights on the latest in native ad measurement, the most important metrics and tools to use, and how to take action on your data.

Register for Thursday’s webinar here.

In Thursday’s session you’ll learn how to:

• Track conversions and leads from native ads on any platform
• Generate additional insights about content performance by platform, channel and asset
• Integrate data from native ads with organic and paid social data for a truly holistic view of paid, organic and native budget performance and allocation

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Arnov Rahman

Arnov Rahman

Arnov is a Marketing Manager at SqueezeCMM, a B2B content marketing and analytics start up. He is fascinated by the intersection of technology, marketing, and people in the development of awesome products. He's into life-hacking, psychology, and data-science.
Arnov Rahman

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