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Building an Instagram following for your brand

Last updated on August 26th, 2021 at 11:00 am

Are you using Instagram for your B2B business? What if you knew you were missing out on 300 million monthly active users (as of December 2014)? 40% of Fortune 100 companies are using Instagram right now, with more businesses jumping on board every week. Here’s one more stat about why you should be using it for your B2B brand: studies show Instagram users are more engaged than users of Twitter or other social media networks. Even Forrester Research noticed the gap between Instagram and the other social networks in a study last year.

Here’s a list of 10 ways you can create an engaged Instagram following.

1. The quickest way to build a following on Instagram is to monitor and engage with different hashtags. Hashtags play a big part of sharing and discovery on Instagram. Find out what hashtags your community is using when they share their pics and engage with them. Research which hashtags other industry influencers and competitors are using and spend time monitoring them. The other recommendation is that you can buy IG likes too. Please visit here to get more valuable information.

2. You may think the filter you use on your pics has no bearing on engagement with your followers, but it actually does. TrackMaven did a study and found that Mayfair, no filter, and Inkwell accounted for the most interaction.

3. By studying your closest competitors Instagram accounts, you’ll see who they’re engaging with. These followers have already shown some level of interest in the products you carry simply because they’re following your competitors.

To “steal” them, start engaging with them through Instagram by:

  • following users
  • liking their photos
  • commenting on photo

4. Instagram promotions like contests or hashtag “parties” are a unique way to engage with your audience and attract new fans. They’re especially useful during live events and to promote a special event like a product launch.

5. Expand your audience and engage with them by having a relevant influencer in your niche take over your Instagram account for a while. Co-create a product campaign or contest to generate brand awareness and get new fans and customers.

6. For B2B marketers, showing off your employees and company can be a way to connect sincerely with your followers. Take pictures at your company events and share them. Take advantage of something time-sensitive or seasonal and share a relevant image.

7. Add clear CTAs in the image itself or the photo’s caption when you upload it. Invite followers to do something with each photo, whether it’s to visit a landing page, tag someone, or share a photo themselves with a relevant hashtag.Post the occasional Instagram cliche

8. A surefire way to gather a ton of likes and attract new followers is to post cliche photos to your Instagram account. Everyone can relate to sunsets, smiles, and food.  Integrate these themes into your Instagram strategy and expand your audience reach.

9. Before you post to your B2B Instagram account, ask yourselves these questions:

  • What value does this add to my customers’ life?
  • How do my B2B customers benefit?
  • Why would they be interested?
  • How can I make this relevant to my followers?

Always show your products or service in terms of the benefits it offers your B2B customers. Encourage your customers to show your products in action too.

10. Behind the scenes photos of your B2B employees are a great way to create a relationship with your followers. Showing off the people working in your organization humanizes your brand. Showing off photos of your employees using your products and services increases the appeal by adding credibility to your brand. After all, if it’s good enough for your employees, then it should be good enough for them too.

Another reason: it keeps your content interesting, with different looks, locations, people, and events.

BONUS TIP: Inspire adventure Create videos to pump up the energy of your Instagram followers. Follow employees as they do a scavenger hunt at your next team building event. Ask influencers to do a quick video on your next product launch. Have your CEO give a head office tour. When you create excitement on your account, it flows through to your followers and audience.


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