Social Listening Spotlight: Introhive Chief Innovation Officer David Alston

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Social intelligence is very important in B2B. While it’s still widely underused by companies who went in search for their brands on social, found none, and abandoned the effort. Social intelligence for B2B, when done effectively, offers powerful, actionable  insights into the state of a market, industry or audience, and the opportunity for live engagement with prospects.

As chief innovation officer at Introhive, David Alston focuses on strategy and creative approaches to help enterprises unlock their relationship capital. A repeat tech and marketing startup entrepreneur, Alston is also former chief marketing officer of Radian 6 – a social media monitoring platform with thousands of clients from around the world – co-founder of Brilliant Labs and was named Forbes’ Top 50 CMOs in Social Media and the Startup Canada 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Introhive integrates all information a user has on an account, including the contact, lead, and opportunity information to provide a more complete picture of key accounts. By automatically syncing activities and contacts, the platform eliminates the need for data entry and keeps everything accurate and up-to-date. The platform also analyzes all the relationships inside an organization and maps them together, giving the user greater insight into the relationships that matter with key accounts and contacts. Custom fields can also be used to create tailored reports, dashboard and lists.

Alston recommends that B2B marketers make a list of people who are active and passionate in their space, and to follow them on Twitter, retweet them and generally create a relationship with them. Once that relationship has been established, marketers can help these people succeed, which in turn builds their loyalty towards the marketer. It appears to work – Alston follows 27,800 accounts on Twitter, and in return, has received nearly 28,000 follows.

Image credit: Jon Evans

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