Nominations open for B2B News Network’s Canadian B2B Marketing Influencer Index

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Behind every great – and visible – B2B is a dedicated marketer.

They’re the few, the accomplished, and the practically anonymous. B2B marketers in Canada work hard to generate an enormous amount of revenue and activity every year, but unlike marketers at B2C companies, they are largely unknown in the marketing world.

Over the past decade, marketing tactics have gone beyond communicating and simply raising the profile of a company and its products. In B2B, marketers frequently need to go above and beyond classic marketing tactics to make an impact. Practitioners like prominent marketing technologist Scott Brinker, account-based marketing software provider Sangram Vajre, and B2B marketing professional Elizabeth Williams are proponents of using specialized techniques. These including binge marketing, which takes clients from introduction and supports them through the purchasing stage by supplying an abundance of online content; account-based marketing (ABM) which allows marketers to get their messaging in front of the right audience; as well as creative content, including text, video and infographics.

Brinker, who authored this year’s Hacking Marketing, describes modern marketers as talented in many disciplines with nearly unlimited opportunities to apply their talents.

“Marketers today are up to their eyeballs in software: websites, mobile apps, social media management, marketing automation, analytics, programmatic advertising, and so on,” Brinker told B2B News Network.  And in many ways, he said, “the job of marketing management is now also one of technology management too.”

Once again, we want to hear from you, our readers. Who are the fantastic Canadian B2B marketers? Is someone getting your company amazing press, or making a name for an up-and-coming business? Whether it’s a marketer doing incredible work in an unglamorous field, or making a huge impact on a new one, we want to give this person some profile.

Click here to make your nominations, and we’ll compile a list of the most interesting, innovative and influential B2B marketers.

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