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The Big Directory of B2B Influencers

Last updated on December 31st, 2016 at 11:33 am

Leaders, innovators, creators and disruptors are shaping every sector, vector and stack of the big B2B world. Through our Influencer Indexes, we’ve been keeping tabs on not only the movers and shakers, but the up-and-comers. That’s why we’ve put together this big directory of B2B influencers – to help you find all the names, handles and links you need to know to stay on top of it all.

1. Online Community Influencer Index

The world of B2B is highly-specialized in nature with each professional working in his or her unique area of expertise. Online communities afford B2B professionals new insights into their fields and allow them to network with fellow pros from across the globe. Specialized B2B communities allow professionals to cut through the online clutter to get to the real goods. Here’s a list of your favourite spaces and places.


2. B2B Influencer Index

With software firmly transitioning to SaaS and the shift in hardware from dominated by computers to dominated by devices, 2015 was a year of major change. This group of people demonstrated the growing power, influence and growth of b2b.


3. Social Intelligence Influencer Index

While it is still an emerging space and a relatively small percentage of B2B firms informally surveyed have integrated it into their workflows, social intelligence is definitely a growth area. It is involved with multiple parts of marcom and used in everything from early warning systems on public issues to identifying customer trends and topics. Here are the key influencers in the space as nominated by readers and the B2BNN team.


4. Logistics and Distribution Influencer Index

The procurement, logistics and distribution field has been subject to constant disruption and innovation. Technology is changing everything, including the way that physical and non-physical goods are procured, purchased, shipped and managed. This index lists the leading innovator, visionaries and voices and companies in logistics and distribution.


5. HR Influencer Index

The rise of digital has morphed human resources execution into a world unlike we’ve ever seen before. This index lists the top executive, decision-makers and thought leaders whose work is making an impact across the HR landscape.


6. Big Data Influencer Index

Big Data is well on its way to transforming the art of marketing into a science. Here’s a list of the analytics influencers who are leading the conversation on the intersection of B2B and Big Data that every B2B professional needs to follow on Twitter.


7. Marketing Influencer Index

Following the right feeds on Twitter gives marketers a steady stream of well-curated content, from the latest industry news to marketing best practices. That makes this platform indispensable to seasoned marketers and newcomers alike. These are the top Twitter handles B2B marketers must follow.


8. Fintech Influencer Index

Called the future of finance, fintech – and the reliability of transactions that it offers – is changing the way B2Bs are offering financial services through alternative currencies, new payment systems, invoicing, lending, managing cash flow and sourcing investment and fraud management.  Here’s our 2016 list of the most interesting, influential and up-and-coming people in fintech.


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