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Must-Have Apps to Build Customer Engagement

The past decade has proven the importance of digital mediums to set the difference in marketing strategies and catching a large pool of clients. Whereas some people may agree your office’s location still proves a decisive factor for building trust in customer service management, there is still an unexploited value in the usage of smartphones and tablets.


What Data Tells Us

Fortunately for us, the omnichannel experience has proved its value, where brands are always working on making the process as smoothly as possible. We can appreciate inspiring stories all over the net that can bring to the table the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, but numbers are the decisive factor that can set a difference between a conservative approach and the path to the future.

customer engagement apps

Nearly 54% of potential clients become aware of a new trendy app due to a friend’s referral, whereas the number decreases up to a 27% for those who got the news on the company’s website. This directly implies that troubleshooting with success the inconveniences smartphone apps may have is also a unique way to convince clients of the value of the service you are promoting.


Apps as a News Sharing Medium

There’s no surprise when hearing how many leading companies operate even up to 5 social media networks at the same time with an impressive success rate: leading global corporations invest nearly as much in advertising campaigns as in production costs for the goods they are selling. This, however, does pay back in time, as quite often a brand’s success is measured in the millions of followers they happen to have in their social media accounts.

An important aspect we also have to consider when aiming to expand our business’ reach is how much money we are spending in the process. For some people, the sole fact of adding expenses in what regards to advertisement and other relevant elements for gathering customers, means sticking to an even tighter budget to cover the extra expenses. Social media apps offer the advantage of boosting well-known free marketing strategies that only require time and expertise to see successful results. We can get a valuable insight on these mediums for free marketing strategies in this infographic courtesy of iContact.

6 ways to market for free
Take a step further and consider these apps not just as a way of interacting with potential customers and sharing breath-taking photographs but also as a way to promote sales, new products, giveaways and any other kind of information relevant to your venue that might catch the interest of your clients.


The Value of Snapchat

Let’s face it, people love Snapchat. While some people find it annoying that publications only last for limited time and you can watch them twice, people are also expectant of what’s going on and pay a good amount of spare time getting to know what their friends are up to at the moment. Since publications are erased afterwards, people who get informed of your latest news through Snapchat had spent nearly three times their focus to your publications in comparison to the zapping mode they might do either on Facebook or Instagram.


Facebook Messenger for Client Chat

If you happen to be under tight budget, there’s no need to seek paid chat clients when Facebook Messenger can prove to be resourceful enough to troubleshoot most common customer’s inconveniences.

customer engagement apps

Of course, you won’t be able to tell how many users are looking at your website at the moment or which pages they are browsing. However, you will have metrics for your response time, the interest your clients paid to your Facebook publications, alongside with many other advantages like being able to send attachments without much trouble, having video conferences, or the mobile phone chat added value.


Adobe Spark

The leading producer of graphic design software is also investing time in helping their customers to produce eye-catching social media publications without requiring much expertise on your behalf.

Adobe Spark features unique typographic layouts, special effects for videos and photographs alike, plus being compatible with most common social media apps regarding sharing the content you crafted. Effective, practical and productive, a must-have resource for taking your advertising campaigns to the next level!


When Instagram Stories Take Over

Lastly, as you may have noticed before, Instagram is creating hype with its new stories. These publications, which last for 24 hours, were crafted with the idea of competing against Snapchat; however, they don’t have the inconvenience of being erased after being seen twice. Celebrities, businesses and regular people alike love the freedom of these new stories, as they can share spontaneous moments. Live video features are also included among the advantages of this new marketing medium, and being able to tell who actually saw your stories is a much-added value.

customer engagement apps

When used with a long-term strategy on building a good client base, these social media apps show immense value when comes to showing your clients you are offering the best customer service. Keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing, and the strategies they seek with the same tools as you have. You might even learn a lesson or two on how these tools are a double-edged sword if you don’t handle them with care.


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