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6 Killer Marketing Strategies for Your Mobile App

Last updated on April 29th, 2022 at 09:00 am

Your app is one among an estimated 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store and, take a deep breath, another 2.5 million apps in Google Play store. How will you guarantee your apps’ discoverability in this sea of already available apps?

Simply hoping users will somehow discover your app would be like living in a fairytale. Competition is fierce out there. You need to have a user acquisition and retention strategy in place before your app launch.

Here are 6 marketing strategies that will make your app an integral part of your target users’ digital lives. After all, a Nielson study suggests, people spend around 30 hours in a month on digital platforms.

Let’s take a look at these app marketing and promotional strategies.


  1. Build a Microsite

A one or two page microsite is a showcase of your app to the web wide audience. Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing techniques by adding relevant keywords and meta tags to ensure your site ranks higher in search engines. This will drive traffic to the app download platforms, leading to more downloads of your app. Incorporate a variety of content on the microsite informing the visitors of the value proposition of your app. A video feature is appealing and a very important promotional tool nowadays. In fact, your microsite allows you to promote your app beyond the app store.


  1. App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Almost 63 per cent of mobile users on both android and iOS use the search function in the app stores. They spend on an average 11 hours a month on searches and social media. Therefore, as a mobile development company you should consider App Store Optimisation (ASO) as an integral part of your mobile app marketing strategy.

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the process of optimising mobile apps using components like title, meta description, meta tags and keywords to make them rank higher on an app store’s search results. It is very similar to SEO. Quite naturally, a mobile app that ranks higher in the app store will have increased visibility to potential users.

ASO is intended to drive traffic to your app’s page within the store, eventually leading to more user downloads. One in every four app users discover a new app through search. Any mobile development company should not ignore app store optimisation technique as part of their overall marketing and promotional strategy for the app.


  1. Create a Promotional Video

Undoubtedly video content is on the rise and dominating current trends. Video content is forecasted by marketing pundits to continue dominating future trends as well. In fact a recent study documented that 80 per cent of all the World Wide Web traffic will switch to video format by 2019.

As part of marketing strategy create a demo video of your app. The video should tell a story that is relatable to the target audience. It can be funny, creative, thought-provoking or even personal.  The video should highlight the key features and user benefits in a lucid and appealing manner. Tutorials and case studies can also be part of a promotional video. Video promotion will help you with brand positioning and also build your app’s brand image.

Presently, 96 percent of business-business (B2B) organisations already use videos as part of their online marketing strategy. Sharing the promotional videos on various media channels will attract potential users to your app. Creating and sharing your promotional video will therefore help you in improving discoverability of your app.


  1. Leverage Social Media

Promoting your app via key social media channels is a very effective app marketing strategy. Sharing on social media creates buzz and is helpful in driving traffic to your microsite as well as the app store page.

Social media connections and eventual growth in audience can be paid or organic. Organic promotion on social media requires account creation, and getting likes and followers to your profiles and pages. Remember not spam their feeds with your promotional content. Instead engage in meaningful way with your current and potential users through your posts on social media. Also don’t forget to include a clear call to action (CTA) across your social media efforts to drive traffic to your app page in the app store.

Paid content and sponsored posts may also help harness the huge user base of social media.


  1. PR (Public Relations) Exercises

Media engagement and influencer marketing has proven to be an effective tool in your app promotional strategy. Leverage public relations efforts to get credible media and influencers’ mention to create a lot of buzz around your app. Below are some of the ways noted to get your media strategy right.

  • Press release
  • Host a launch party and invite the local media and tech industry
  • Interviews with local newspapers and tech bloggers
  • Guest blogging
  • Pitch your app to review websites
  • Encourage user reviews

Share a press release or media kit to ensure you clearly communicate value proposition of your app. Be seen in media, organize launch party and tech events, write guest columns and appear for interviews in local newspapers. This creates a brand awareness of your app among masses and reaches a wider audience. Try to capitalize on this opportunity for higher conversions and more user downloads of the app.

You can also pitch your app to review websites. User reviews can often make or break a new app. So encourage positive user reviews and ratings through push notifications within the app or a CTA within your app marketing. Reach out to relevant bloggers to create buzz. They have sizable influence over users and are helpful in moulding opinions.

  1. Build an Engaging App

Last but not least, ensure that your app content is relevant and accessible. There is a big chance your app users will be disenchanted with your app if you are not offering anything inherently valuable to the users. It is a documented fact that two thirds of downloaded apps are never used. You need to consistently bring engaging content to narrow this gap between downloads and user engagement. Publishing exclusive and bonus content can bring the users back to your apps.

The ultimate way to ensure you have a great app that people want to engage with and that will bring true value not just to them but to your business as well is to choose wisely when looking at developers. A company like https://dreamwalk.com.au, for example, has plenty of experience and expertise which will ensure any app they develop is exactly how you want it to be.


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