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Inside The Mind Of . . . Esther Willinger

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 08:40 am

Esther Willinger founded, and is director of Eden Advertising & Interactive, a progressive marketing agency, that includes a team of designers, web developers, programmers, writers, search engine analysts and marketing strategists.

Since 1998, Eden has combined creative, technical and online marketing expertise to meet clients’ growth objectives. Esther’s talent lies in helping businesses achieve their desired brand image, with an optimized marketing plan designed to achieve measurable results.

Eden’s clients have included Print Three, What a Bagel, Terminix Canada, National Benefit Authority, Magical Credit and more.

Eden Advertising was a finalist for Search Engine Land’s 2016 Landy Award, Recognizing Excellence In Search Marketing. “It’s something that we’re really proud of,” Esther noted. “It was very rewarding to be recognized internationally.”

What does Eden Advertising do for clients?

In a nutshell, we help clients grow their businesses.

We optimize every aspect of how a company represents, communicates and connects its brand with its audience, to generate the results it needs to grow.

Our viewpoint is founded on the premise that every concept can be optimized.

Carefully selecting the right message and appropriate media is essential to connecting businesses with customers. By optimizing content, design and user engagement, we ensure customers take notice of a brand and choose to do business with that company.

What gap do you see in business websites?

What makes one website different from others are all the small but significant details that go into a site, that will turn it from brochure-ware, into a marketing engine, that will pull traffic in, and turn those visitors into business leads, and ultimately, into customers.

We approach a website project from all angles.

It’s not merely a page with a logo, picture, and some bland information about your company that nobody wants to read. If you want a web site like that, there are a lot of free out-of-the-box website builders, or companies you can hire from overseas to build template sites that will get you no results, and you’ll wonder why other businesses are so much more successful than yours.

We optimize and customize our clients’ websites to reflect their brand and image, so that they are proud to use it as a marketing asset for their business. More importantly, we optimize design and copy to capture visitors, and connect with their needs, from the second they land on your site.

Our strategies ensure that your website becomes a marketing magnet that ranks on Google, driving targeted traffic to your site, creating positive user-experiences that take those visitors through a funnel of next steps, that will lead them to an action or goal that you want to achieve through your site – whether it’s generating phone leads, receiving business inquiry forms, applications, or direct sales online.

Reports say that video ads are where companies need to be heading, to increase marketing ROI. Can you elaborate on that; the how and why?

Here’s a link to 27 Staggering Video Marketing Stats for 2017.

The numbers speak for themselves, in terms of what people are doing online.

The average American spends more than 10 hours a day looking at a screen –that’s almost all their waking hours.

During that time they’re consuming information in different ways – reading, viewing images, watching videos, communicating.

Videos are the easiest way to consume a large amount of content in a shorter time.

A company can get a strong and powerful marketing message across in a 30 second online video ad, compared to the amount of content somebody would have to read on a web page, to retain that same message. Reading also takes more effort than watching, yet by watching a video you are getting people engaged at a deeper level, because they are watching, listening, reading, and clicking.

With all the clutter of ads that we’re exposed to daily, it’s challenging to get somebody’s attention by simply putting more ads in front of them. 

With a video, each step is getting them more interested, engaged and committed to interacting with a brand. 

What are some fundamental marketing mistakes companies make?

1. Because your image/brand is the face of your business, take the time and budget to develop a brand/logo that truly reflects your image, and that you are proud of. The best logos are simple but meaningful.

2. Believing you don’t need SEO. My answer to this is: how many times have you searched for something on Google today? 

The fact is, everybody uses the web to find anything they’re interested in. It’s just a matter of whether you want to show up when people are searching. I also tell clients, that if all goes well with their business, and people start finding out about this new “thing”, then people will start searching for that “thing”, and if you optimize for that early on, your website will be the one that shows up when that search becomes popular. 

As an entrepreneur, what advice can you offer other entrepreneurs?

Be passionate about what you do, and let your sincerity and expertise speak for itself. People don’t want to be sold to; they want to be informed and educated. The more you can naturally and sincerely convey that information, the more likely people will want to do business with you.

You’re in business to provide your customers with something they need or want, so provide it to them really well. Put some heart into it. And keep growing while you’re at it.


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