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6 Video Tools That Could Boost Video Marketing For B2B Brands

In 2015, online video comprised 63 percent of the total Internet traffic and that number is expected to rise to 79 by the year 2020, as per Cisco. This just goes to show how popular online videos are – not just because they are effective at conveying content and information, but because they’re very easy to watch on your smartphone, too.

Given how 42 percent of all B2B searches are conducted on mobile gadgets, and almost half of these buyers are millennials, it’s only a matter of time before video and visual content become the go-to marketing medium for B2B businesses.

Irrespective of the quality of video you produce, the following tools provide data-driven recommendations so you can improve both your marketing funnel and sales, and connect with your target audience.


ClickMeeting enables organizations to harness the power of live video marketing, irrespective of their size. This easy-to-use tool covers the whole webinar process, starting from preparation all the way up to presentation.

Follow ups of viewers are also supported by this program, so you can collect the necessary information and plan your video marketing campaign accordingly. Software installation is not required to run this tool, and it is compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices.


Kajabi allows you to market your video content online. If you are a professional speaker or trainer who relies on paid workshops for most of your income, Kajabi presents a good way to market and distribute that content on the Internet. You get the benefit of a response design, integration with multiple platforms thanks to an API, and full hosting capabilities.

You are also able to create self-contained drip campaigns and landing pages for your website. This tool gives you the power to add new content and interact with viewers. To begin, you just have to provide the video content and set up your marketing campaign, and Kajabi is going to take care of the rest. The fair pricing of this tool is another reason to choose it over the competition.


Looking for a solid platform that combines the best of inbound analytics and marketing tools with video hosting capabilities? Well, then you’re in luck! Wistia helps you integrate with your site so you can study analytics. This tool enables you to host a maximum of three videos free of charge.

One of the many reasons why B2B marketers love Wistia is its cross-compatibility features that offer smooth playback across all devices, free from online advertisements and other interruptions. You can use the platform to determine the extent of lead engagement, and find out how your videos are helping leads move through the funnel and converting better leads into buyers.


TwentyThree measures plays, impressions, engagements, and conversions to give you a clear idea about which portions of your videos engage leads the most. You can use this tool to craft highly compelling videos later on. If you are serious about your video marketing practices, you should definitely get this tool. But it is all the more important for those B2B businesses that want to know more about their viewers and reasons for watching.

There are three pricing plans to choose from, and each of them offers a free trial. The basic plan lets you host up to 100 videos. There is no cap on the total number of viewers. A fully-equipped API toolkit is great for developing your own videos for each section of your website.


What would you do to generate leads if you had to present a webinar highlighting your business? ReadyTalk is a tool which answers this precise question by giving you the power to develop registration pages capable of sending emails upon confirmation, and accessing those details. No longer will you have to hunt around for programs that nurture leads and poll your viewers. This platform is best suited for group meetings.

ReadyTalk synchronizes the details of webinar attendees immediately, so you have no trouble creating webinar reports and following up emails. Polling responses are also synced, thereby adding more information to the contacts database. You can later use these details to nurture leads and manage workflows.


What sets GoToWebinar apart from other video marketing tools in its category is the affordable pricing and cross-platform compatibility. You can use this tool on both desktops and mobiles, even when you’re experiencing a poor signal.

Opting for this service gives you access to numerous features, including polls, analytics, automated emails, full service registration, and personalized branding. This tool works like a charm when used for following up with webinar attendees and collect information automatically from attendees and registrants.

Concluding Remarks

There are numerous video marketing tools that help you to save both money and time by attracting leads while conducting webinars or adding videos to your website. Use these tools to manage all of your videos in one place and use the collected data to improve your video marketing capabilities.


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