Rooster Punk reviews the B2B marketer origin story, and sees the opportunity for a rewrite

Rooster Punk B2B marketer humanizing B2B
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School’s been out for well over a month now, but even once kids find themselves back in the classroom, there likely won’t be many telling their teachers about their intentions to become B2B marketers.

According to a U.K. agency called Rooster Punk, that’s an issue worth confronting, because the reality of the job could be much more dynamic than the world realizes.

In a video clip called “I Want To Be A B2B Marketer,” Rooster Punk celebrates the way data and creativity can allow B2B brands to make more engaged connections to corporate decision makers. It also suggests more of those on the brand side resist the urgings from their organization to “focus on the features” or “push the product,” and look at customer’s attitudes and emotions instead.

“There’s many who think bringing out the B2B in you means leaving out the human. No wonder audiences are bored,” the clip says at once point. “It turns out if you focus on moving minds, not product, then people start to listen again.”

F0rmed more than five years ago and based in London, Rooster Punk describes its mission as “humanizing B2B,” echoing the core message of its clip. It also aligns with assets Rooster Punk has made such as a sort of infographic it titled “10 New Content Marketing Rules For Tech and B2B Brands,” which include “Having a point of view is infinitely better than having no view at all.” The video was initially shared as part of the 2019 B2B Ignite event in London.

“It really seems to have struck a chord in the B2B sector here in the UK and has created lots of conversations for my agency,” Paul Cash, Rooster Punk founder and “chief rooster,” told B2B News Network after receiving a request to share the video.



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