Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Terminus expands Bombora partnership and boosts ABM targeting and reporting

Terminus has updated its account-based marketing platform with artificial intelligence features and capabilities it said would allow B2B firms to improve customer targeting and reporting.

The Atlanta-based firm this week paired its latest release with an expanded partnership with Bombora, whose intent data can now be tied to Terminus’ B2B Account Graph database and a marketer’s own CRM data. According to Terminus chief product officer Bryan Brown, the combination will let B2B firms see the moment their brand advertising convinces a buyer to make a purchase by automatically adding intent and engagement data to their tracked accounts.

“As soon as they anonymously come to your website for the first time, it lets you take all this activity that you would otherwise have no idea about and turn it into actual funnel stages that you can measure and manage toward — way before the final form fill,” Brown told B2B News Network.For example, our own marketing team makes lists of high-fit accounts who aren’t on our website and aren’t showing intent for ‘account-based marketing’ today.

“They’ll run them through advertising programs, track how many start to show intent, and then how many start coming to our website for the first time,” he continued. “They’ll then use that as a way to prioritize when our outbound team starts trying to engage people at those accounts.”

Terminus said its Account Discovery feature, meanwhile, will surface high-fit accounts that aren’t being targeted today. Terminus is able to track visits from a particular company to a B2B firm’s website based on how many visitors, how many pages, the most-visited pages, and the visit depth as a measure of engagement.

“Since we are tightly integrated with a marketer’s CRM, we can also identify which of those accounts aren’t already being tracked in their CRM,” he said.

A marketer can set up their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) within Terminus, for example, which is what Brown said the firm uses to determine a Fit Score for each newly identified account. It then automatically makes a list of visiting accounts that aren’t in the CRM, scores them by fit, and delivers them to the marketer, who can then choose to add them to their account lists or advertising efforts. 

The fit is determined via a set of criteria the customer provides, so it is customized from marketer to marketer,” Brown said.

The Terminus Account Scorecard, meanwhile, will let users can drill into the engaged accounts metric to see, over time, how much of their pipeline is being supplied by engaged versus unengaged accounts, Brown added.


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