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5 Presentation Trends for 2021 B2B Marketing

Every year brings new trends for B2B marketing and presentation-making and 2030 is no different. New techniques and trends are emerging to change how marketers interact and connect with their audiences. Given the cut-throat nature of the competition in the marketing world and the changes it is experiencing due to the pandemic, keeping up with change is not enough. To thrive, companies still need to stay ahead of the competition. This article on crucial presentation trends in marketing will help you do just that.

As has been the case for close to a decade, minimalism is still a crucial aspect to consider when creating presentations. Of course, if you find creating decks challenging, you can always engage a professional presentation design service online. Here are five other important trends to prioritize. Not everything that seems in fashion will be ideal when creating slides. Instead, one should strive for clarity of content and readability of the information and this is easier said than done. Professionals can help with consulting or services.

Infographics Remain Important for Overviewing Information

As always, interesting data visualization remains a critical component of effective presentation for marketers. Research shows that presenting numbers in an attractive and highly efficient way is an important marketing skill. When one shows data using charts and tables in ways that are interesting and clear, rather than overwhelming, he or she gets to appeal to the audience while emphasizing main points.

The current trend is for marketers to use more creatively planned data infographics and custom-designed data charts on slides. Please understand that even simple charts like the one below can be useful, in addition to making use of conventional charts existing in MS Office. Such additional infographics improve the appeal of presentations, creating simple, but captivating slides.

Sample graphics chart (source
Why are infographics important when designing slides for marketing presentations? According to research, infographics have the benefit of being eye-catching and persuasive. They are even more useful when one has to compile tons of different data, including diagrams, charts, graphs, and images. Infographics, in this sense, allow marketers to create presentations that are clear, compelling, and eye-catching. This means that, as a marketer, when you use infographics in your presentations, your deck will appear more convincing and appealing.

Visual Slides Are More Important Than Ever Before

Remember, human beings tend to process visual material 60,000 times faster compared to plain text. This means that visual material comprises the main element of Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides. The main issue to consider here is that less can actually be more, with visuals being used to highlight key details.

With good visuals, even deleting half the content of your text will not interfere with the coherence or transmission of your message. When you have a decent amount of graphic aspects in your presentation, you will be better able to keep your targeted audience interested and engaged. It is for this reason that you will find that the best presentations created this year are rich in visual content.

Also, visuals are important because they tend to encourage people to act in certain ways. This is why great presenters like Steve Jobs used powerful images for their presentations, allowing the audience to maintain focus on their messages. If you want to create a memorable deck for your marketing campaign, make good use of visuals.

Isometric 3D Shapes

A recent trend that has emerged for effective presentations is isometric 3D shapes. Isometric drawing, often referred to as isometric projection, is the approach used by illustrators and engineers for graphic representation of 3D objects. The strategy is to combine the illusion of depth through rendering with the unchanged presentation of the main dimensions of the object.

As a trend in a marketing presentation, simple three-dimensional and isometric icons will be used with more frequency. The main challenge, however, will be determining how to ensure the simplicity of the slides, while incorporating the relatively complex elements of three-dimensional graphics. Here is a sample image to show how using 3D shapes in marketing slides can be achieved.

Sample 3D visualization created for supply chain illustration (source infodiagram)

The natural world we live in depends mostly on perspective. However, with isometric presentations, they are devoid of perspective and do not exist in nature. Whatever is in the background is often on the same scale as what is presented in the foreground. This, in fact, is what makes these illustrations uniquely attractive. Since your audiences’ eyes will follow the lines, it is possible to direct them to your message. To create effective presentations, tell a story by combining illustrations to generate scenes that can effectively convey your message and keep your audience enthralled.

Custom Typography

For years, certain classical font types like Arial and Times New Roman have dominated presentations since the mid-90s. However, designers have started to shift from these traditional fonts, instead preferring a custom approach to typography with the intention of captivating audiences and enhancing communication. Some websites offer sets of customized fonts that contain more than 6,000 typefaces. The trend is heading towards the popularity of such custom fonts as Walter Modern and Sophia Script.

Using customized typography allows your company to attain uniqueness in its marketing and presentation. Since research shows that audiences tend to be more intrigued by types that look original compared to conventional ones, this is one trend to focus on. Also, customized typography improves your brand recognition and gives you a chance to experiment with text.

Image Masking

Another important trend for creating slides for marketing presentation is image masking. This is essentially the process of using such graphics applications as Photoshop to conceal some aspects of an image or highlight certain portions. The process of image editing is often non-destructive and allows the designer to tweak or amend the masked part later if required. Indeed, image manipulation has emerged as more creative and efficient for creating presentation slides given its reversibility. Various options of image masking exist, including:

  • Layer masking
  • Alpha channel masking
  • Clipping masks

Here, we have highlighted some amazing presentation trends in marketing. Today, simpler and unique designs are more favorable. Strive for simplicity.


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