B2B News for Wednesday, April 21, 2021: All Shaken Up at the Collision Conference, Remote Work is Socially Isolating & Marketing Has the Power to Improve Lives

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Our favourite music festivals have all been cancelled this summer, but at least there is still the Collision Conference. The rock show of tech conferences is now online and started yesterday. Today, after Nicole Kidman talks about skin care products, US House Representative Ro Khanna and Paypal CEO Dan Schulman will discuss whether or not capitalism is broken beyond repair.

There is a huge diversity of startups showing themselves off like debutantes presented at the royal court. New B2B services ranging from supply chain monitoring software CODEX, to brand-building platforms like ZeBrand, all the way to a business coaching marketplace called Terawatt.

In terms of presentations, Oscar Ramos of SOSV, the accelerators partnerships company, lead the charge for B2B growth interests yesterday.

I don’t want to shake up any startup’s early to-market plans, but the most memorable slide in Ramos’ deck was a gravestone marking where the strategic and hopeful concept of a Minimum Viable Product was laid to rest. Ok, it shook me up and I am just sharing the disruption.

Collision continues until Thursday evening.

More information:  https://collisionconf.com/

Speaking of feeling shaken, not stirred…How are you feeling about remote work? According to research conducted by Canadian workplace learning company Dialectic and the intranet platform Jostle, we’re all feeling the effects of social isolation (83% of respondents), ongoing communication obstacles (82%) and the complete loss of work/life balance. Naturally, the effects are even worse if you belong to a BIPOC community and were already facing barriers to inclusion.

“The clear message from our research is the cost of short term planning is a long term negative impact on human inclusion and connection at work,” says lead research Bev Attfield, and Principal of Workplace Science at Jostle.

The research also found that 52% of respondents are taking fewer days off, including sick days, than ever before and most feel there is little to no support for mental health issues.

“Employee well-being, productivity, performance and ultimately retention are at risk so long as organizations do not shift their approach to prioritize workplace culture and start adding the human element back into their workplaces,” says Dr. Aaron Barth, lead researcher and Founder and president of Dialectic.

More info: https://blog.jostle.me/blog/remote-work-crisis-mode-is-stopping-us-from-feeling-connected

Yesterday saw the release of a special issue of the Journal of Marketing.  The Better Marketing for a Better World edition was built around the central thesis that marketing has “the power to improve lives, sustain livelihoods, strengthen societies, and benefit the world at large.”

“Articles in the Special Issue bring scholarly scrutiny to the impact of marketing on the world around us,” says editor Rajesh Chandy. “And they point to the wealth of possibilities for further study of how better marketing can help create a better world.”

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/better-marketing-for-a-better-world

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