Do You Want to Become an Influencer?

You can identify influencers because their thoughts, rather than their photographs, are everywhere. They author the inspirational quotes in your email signature, their are RT’d by the thousands and their books are described as “must reads.” A thought leader and celebrity rolled into one, the term “influencer” is a description conferred on business and social luminaries […]

What every B2B exec needs to know about intellectual capital management

It’s not just about patents, copyright and intellectual property. What your people know, your unique business practices and products, your company culture, your brand status and corporate reputation are all part of your B2B firm’s intellectual capital. According to a growing number of business academics and consultants, the definition, inventory, and auditing of intellectual capital […]

The B2BNN Primer on Messaging Architecture

Shared values, shared business goals and shared communications goals are the trinity of corporate culture. They turn co-workers into teams, businesses into brands and notions into values. And, like all idealized attributes, they are easier to envision than to realize. It can all leave clients and prospective clients confused. That’s where messaging architecture comes in. […]

B2B Idea Bytes: Romancing the niche

Let’s call it the match maker’s response to extreme nichification. Romancing the niche is what generalists are doing for martech to create greater business viability within the sector. Ever since Scott Brinker’s 2016 Martech Landscape Supergraphic was released in March, it’s been clear that vendors would have to work across multiple categories for new tool […]


When B2B Needs Damage Control: The 6 components of a meaningful apology

Apologizing properly isn’t angelic. It’s a skill that can be learned. Consider this: B2B methods and verticals are dependent on relationship management. Long term, fully expressive, mutually beneficial dealings between vendors and customers is at the heart of account-based marketing, SAAS contracts and permission-based automation services. Whenever and wherever there is a long-term relationship between […]