B2B News for Wednesday, May 5, 2021: Aptum Sale Completes, Goody+ Launches, and Custom Content Collaboration Tools Debut

A recently-announced acquisition has been completed, it’s now easier to send employees rewards for their hard work and creatives should keep an eye out for new collaboration tools. Aptum, a hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider, has announced the completion of the sale of its Canadian colocation business to eStruxture. The planned sale was announced earlier […]

B2B News for Monday, May 3, 2021: Working Even More for Less, She’s Next Winners, New B2B Tech & SaaS Marketing Conference, Gravvity Gets Funding

The B2B News is mixed today. We’ll start with HR, delve into some entrepreneurialism, help marketers out and then get into a wellness app. It’s a reading adventure that defies the tendency to find a theme, define a trend or make sense of where we are all going in our half-vaccinated states. The pandemic has […]

B2B News for April 28, 2021: Smart Cities, Being Scrappy in B2B Tech, Workplace Whistleblower Reluctance

Smart cities use big data. That means the morning commute should become more efficient post-pandemic. The City of Calgary announced a data-sharing partnership with Waze, a traffic navigation. The partnership is a two-way data share of publicly available traffic information. The Waze for Cities Data, one known as the Connected Citizens Program, is meant to safer […]

B2B News for Monday, April 26, 2021 : The Startup Edition Sees Couply Win Pitch Contest, Jobber Nabs Gail Goodman, Beam.gg Launches Early Access and Quantum Computing Gets a Specialist Incubator

The news from Monday morning ranges from federal finances to a new launches, but it all comes from the realm of tech startups. StartUp Canada, the national organization representing the country’s startups, issued a press release in response to the federal budget agreeing that entrepreneurs are “crucial to the country’s recovery.” In particular, the association […]

B2B News for Friday, April 23: The All Appointments Edition Featuring Officium Labs, Canon USA and RCG Coffee

Talent moves up, even under lockdown. We might be working from anywhere and everywhere these days, but when it comes to new executive appointments, companies are looking within. San Francisco-based Officium Labs, a decentralized customer experience startup, John Pompei as its new chief customer officer (CCO) and Scott McCabe as its chief human resource officer (CHRO). Pompei was promoted from within […]

B2B News for Wednesday, April 21, 2021: All Shaken Up at the Collision Conference, Remote Work is Socially Isolating & Marketing Has the Power to Improve Lives

Our favourite music festivals have all been cancelled this summer, but at least there is still the Collision Conference. The rock show of tech conferences is now online and started yesterday. Today, after Nicole Kidman talks about skin care products, US House Representative Ro Khanna and Paypal CEO Dan Schulman will discuss whether or not […]

B2B News for Friday, April 16: Fighting Screen Fatigue with Better Animated Videos for Business, Digital Wigs for Virtual Meetings & Gamified Sales Coaching

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the past 13 months of shutting our cameras off during virtual meetings, it’s that we all want to been seen less on and watch more cartoons. Vyond, the animation software company for business has raised $50 million US to capitalize further on the demand for its product […]

B2B News for Wednesday, April 14, 2021: Bread and Butter Marketing Conversions Toasted by Negativity, Badly Chosen Influencers & Pineapple Juice

Whether its headlines or recipes, never let good taste stand in the way of a great lede. With the death of grocer Galen Weston and the price of bread on every Canadian consumer’s mind this morning, the B2B marketing world turns to toast. When it comes to conversion rates, marketers have a propensity to burn […]

Toward a Better Social Media Experience: In Conversation with Jerry Chien, Gravvity CEO

Have you ever missed big news in your social feeds? A birth announcement, an engagements, maybe your niece’s first soccer goal or your nephew’s first basketball game? Depending on how the social media algorithms, the post may never have shown up in your feed, if you didn’t accidentally scroll past it while skipping another ad […]

B2B News for Wednesday, April 7, 2021: Questions about Home Office Productivity, Tax Planning & Oil and Gas meet Vertical Grow Ops in Proposed Acquisition

Questions, so many questions. Like, is pandemic hiring in “equity-focused” organizations even less honest an honest proposition when they demand potentials have access to a private room with a door that closes and ergonomically-designed chairs? Does no one respect the amazing concentration of the single parent who can write columns from the comfort of her […]

B2B News for Friday, April 2, 2021: a B2B Testing Solution Acquisition, a COVID Relief Partnership for SMEs and Low Bandwidth Meetings

Holi, Passover, Easter and Ramadan are all meaningful events in the calendar we traditionally share with family, friends and our religious communities. However, thanks to COVID-19, the last week and the next month of observances represent a selection of potential super-spreader events. So, to keep you at home and out of the virus’ way, we […]

B2B News for Wednesday, March 31, 2021: Colocation Sell-Offs, Procurement Platform Partnerships and a New Rosie the Riveter for the She-cession

We’ve got news from the data centre, more from procurement platforms and some from the world of feminist business. The Toronto-based Aptum is changing. The company is selling its Canadian colocation business to eStruxture. “We are excited to complete the sale of our Canadian colocation business. Today’s announcement showcases our commitment to grow and enhance […]

B2B News for Wednesday, March 24, 2021: Market Bubbles and Crashes, Electronic Vehicles in Logistics, Awards for Sustaining the Fresh Food Supply Chain

A new model for predicting stock market bubbles and crashes is emerging. A team of researchers from a dozen international institutions focused on mathematics, physics, economics, and complex systems have developed a system using geometry to characterize stock market instability. The paper, Network Geometry and Market Instability, outlines functional structures of the higher-order architecture of […]

B2B News for Friday, March 19 2021: Shop-Lifting Prevention, Call Centre Tech, and Mobile Industrial Filters

The latest B2B offerings include more products to act as deterrents to shop-lifting. VIRA Insights launched customizable variations of its retail solutions that were originally designed for cosmetics counters. Now the anti-sweep peg hooks, an adjustable metal lockbox with polycarbonate door, and high-end glass or plastic separators can be applied to any kind of merchandise. […]

B2B News for Friday, March 12: ABM Appointments, Silo-Breaking Data Platforms & a Dragging Economy Explained

The weekend is coming up fast, so today’s headlines are light on humor and heavy on factoids. Today’s Friday Fact comes from Provoke Insight’s B2B News: 2021 Brand Equity and Trends Report. “Companies are investing in building their brands and are prioritizing this over sales. Across the board, online marketing initiatives are now providing the […]