Cheaper Postage Solutions That Make Mailing Easier For Any Business

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Whether you run an online business or you have a brick-and-mortar store, you at some point use postage solutions for mailing. The global marketing platforms have also enabled businesses regardless of their sizes to cater to the needs of international clients. Consequently, clients are increasingly preferring overnight shopping, free shopping and two-day shipping. You must keep up and deliver your clients nothing less. 

An efficient and fast postage system can enhance your mailing. Such a system should also be cost-effective. You can choose a suitable solution from these cheaper postage solutions that make mailing easier for any business:

  • Pitney Bowes

The Pitney Bowes postage solution offers the clients some postage meters, hardware solutions, and shopping software. These essentials can help you ship either through FedEx, the US post office or the UPS. Pitney Bowes also offers its clients some out-of-the-box postage plans which you can readily customize to suit your individual business needs.

With Pitney Bowes postage solutions you can monitor the delivery of items. You can also process your mails quickly and more efficiently. The software and folding machines in the solution enhance the effectiveness of your mailing. This postage can also allow you to use multiple careers of interest. The software can allow you to weigh all the lengths, heights and weights of the parcels for accuracy as you pay for the transportation services.

Pitney Bowes’s postage solution has a tracking system that can optimally work with FedEx, USPS, and Ups. Consequently, you can send your customers some messages on important delivery details they should be aware of. The solution also has systems that can help you calculate, buy and print your postage. You can enjoy both PC postage and postage meters with Pitney Bowes.

Pitney Bowes has a franking machine that can help you to calculate mailing charges cheaply. Alternatively, according to logisticians at FP German Mail Geneering, you can outsource a franking machine rental to cheaply calculate your mailing charges. Franking machines also have varying speed processing rates and thus you can always use the appropriate speed you need to process a particular mailing service.

  • Stamps.Com Postage Service

The mailing services can enable you to enjoy some free postage services and discounts the first month of signing up for the service. This mailing solution has simple one-click options. You can also buy postage from your preferred service provider online. Similarly, with mailing services you can buy postage online and print labels. This service can also allow you to buy envelopes, letters, and or invoices.

This mailing solution also has meters to enable you to print postage. With this system, you can also print some automated labels for your desired mail. The posting service further has unique inbuilt software features that can help you use both intuit QuickBooks and word. You can use this solution to choose an ideal shipping mode considering the delivery speed you need and the price of different packages. You can also generate a tracking number and keep your clients updated on their items’ delivery status.

  • Data-Pac Mailing Systems

Should you choose the Data-Pac system, you will be able to enjoy both hardware and software mailing services. You will also enjoy using postage meters for shipping. This system can also help you with accounting. You will enjoy using trackers with the Data-Pac solution. Likewise, the system has twelve different systems you can choose from.  

The system has easy-to-use touch screens for shopping and can enable you to work with multiple carriers. The Data-Pac software is automated. Therefore, the system will scan and track every single package you send.

  • FP Mailing Solutions

If you run many businesses and you need an all-in-one mailing system, FP solutions can satisfy your interests. You will also enjoy many metered postage systems, well-streamlined touchscreens to enhance your shipping and folder inserters. FP systems can also enable you to use different software, use label makers, and stampers.

  • Formax System

If you process a lot of mail, you can enjoy metered postages at Formax. You can also enjoy folders and more software tools to enhance your shipping. Formax has high-volume pressure sealers, bursters, cutters, folders, and envelop openers for your ease of sending out mailers. Simultaneously, you can enjoy full-bleed digital color printers. Formax hardware equipment can also process DVD inserts.             


You can save lots of money with the right mailing postage service.  There are so many postage services available today to enhance your shopping experiences. Choose a suitable mailing system for you from the above services. Consider the needs, the cost and whether you want to send out bulk mails. You can also choose the systems that have great discounts for you to enjoy services more cheaply.


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