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Attorney’s Answer: When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?

Thousands of accidents occur on the roads every day. Sometimes the accident does not cause casualties, while in other cases the accident causes damage to property and health and often takes lives.

No one is insured against a car accident. Even a law-abiding motorist with a careful driving habit is at risk every day. Any accident is always associated with negative emotions for both the perpetrator and the victims. In the event of an accident, it is difficult to maintain the restraint and vigilance so necessary for such situations. As a result, there are car accident lawyers.

When is the best time to hire a lawyer?

After an auto-accident, you have a certain amount of time to file a complaint with the insurance company. The truth is, the sooner you can hire a car accident lawyer, the better chance you have of working on a positive outcome to your case. From the moment you first go to the insurance company of a guilty driver, they will act to find all possible ways to limit your settlement. Insurance companies have many years of experience in limiting settlement amounts, and your situation will be no exception. If you are suing on your own, you are expected to handle this difficult process, trying to recover from your injuries and rebuild your life after someone’s dangerous or negligent behavior has put you in this situation.

You should find a professional lawyer like a reliable personal injury lawyer in Indiana  that can provide you the necessary support. It’s easy enough to sue another insurance company yourself, but in fact, if you hire an experienced lawyer at once, you can entrust the entire process to an experienced lawyer and you can focus on your personal needs. The tension and uncertainty of your lawsuit will be reduced because you will be able to ask questions directly to your lawyer on your case, instead of not knowing or feeling additional and irrational fears about your financial future. Your lawyer has the necessary experience and will be happy to answer your questions.

Stracci Law Group starts each car accident with a free consultation. Every lawyer in this company fights for the client’s justice, confirming his professionalism with knowledge of all aspects of the law, which frees the client from unnecessary worries.

How can I choose a lawyer?

It is important that victims receive the support they deserve when they go against a major insurance company. Competent and persistent representation at every stage of the process is a proven way to maximize your chances of getting a well-deserved settlement instead of a low offer by an insurance company.

There are many situations in which the assistance of a legal expert is indispensable. Often the perpetrator faces administrative or criminal liability, and in the latter case the absence of legal support risks serious imprisonment. It is difficult for a person without special education to assess an incident from a legal point of view. It is not always possible to determine the extent of one’s guilt, under conditions of stress it is possible to take many wrong steps that will make the situation much worse.

A professional lawyer has an in-depth knowledge of the law and solid practical experience which he uses to protect the interests of the client. The assistance of a crash lawyer will be required in cases where:

  • You don’t know how to act in an accident.
  • The accident caused damage to property, damage or loss of life.
  • You consider the conduct of police officers to be improper.
  • You were wrongly found guilty of a traffic accident.
  • You’re being threatened with forfeiture and fines.
  • You left the crash site

What services does a traffic lawyer provide?

Car accident lawyer will provide the following legal assistance:

  • Advice on all matters related to road traffic accidents;
  • Drawing up and submitting to various bodies applications, complaints and claims;
  • Assistance in the conduct of an independent assessment of the affected vehicles and the accident site;
  • Protection of the interests of the client in the police case;
  • Participation in accident compensation cases;
  • Determination of the amounts of compensation for material and moral damage;
  • Settlement of insurance disputes;
  • Protection of client rights in court;
  • Appealing against judgments.

Often, the person affected needs professional assistance. The lawyer will explain to the victim his legal rights and will take all possible measures to bring the perpetrator to justice. A professional will assess the damage resulting from the accident and will help to recover it in full.

In order to resolve the situation in a positive manner, a lawyer must be contacted as soon as possible. Any delay makes the position of the client difficult, while the timely engagement of a lawyer greatly increases the chances of achieving the desired result.


By consulting a car accident lawyer on time, you can save not only your nerves but also a lot of time, resolve even very complicated and complicated situations, assert your rights (for example, if you are wrongly accused), the rights of your relatives, to protect the interests of the victims.


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