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Smart Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Event Tents

Are you looking to purchase event tents? It is essential to note that you need to be prepared to receive a low-quality product if you settle on a cheaper item. Searching for great tents quality on a website is one thing, but placing an order for one on your own over the internet can sometimes leave you exposed to scammers.

The most significant thing is to know what you are looking for. Here is a reliable list to check when purchasing event tents online.

Consider the Type of the Tents

Event tents come in various types and different size such as 20×20, 20×40, 10×20, 20×30. For instance, there are pole tents, pope tents, tension tents, and frame tents. Each of them has things to consider before settling on the right one.

You can decide to purchase pop-up and canopies tents which are less expensive and created with the lightest fabric. Almost every shelter you can use to throw an event inside is an event party. These event tents are designed with accordion-style frames, which can be easily set up and dismantled effortlessly in lesser tome without any tools.

Some event tents come with storage bags for easy shipping. Also, they are not set up with poles in the center. They are very open, and if you want a vocal point, there is no problem.

These types of event tents have a standard size of 20*20. This makes them incompatible for massive events which require ample space.

Consider the Size of the Tents

Event tents tend to come in a vast range of sizes, from as small as 10*10 to the giant ones, 100*300. They come with high-quality poles to support their weight. The tension built by tie-downs or stakes helps keep the massive tents firm and upright—the bars are positioned at the center and the perimeter of the event tents.

When purchasing an event tent, it is helpful to opt for the large and easy-to-install tent since it is cost-effective to cover a vast region. It is also essential to consider the tents’ versatility and colors. This will help to satisfy any requirement for customization.

Consider Flexibility of the Tents

Flexibility, in this case, implies choosing an event tent that can be used both indoors and outdoors instead of depending on tension from stakes. It will help if you settle on frame tents since they have strong metal structures to support their canopies.

This enables them to function without the support of center poles and makes them more flexible in their placement. These event tents can be used indoors or right next to a building. It also works perfectly well as semi-permanent structures.

All the benefits come at a price. Frame tents are typically costly compared to other tends like poles and tension shelters. This is because they are designed with high-quality materials. Moreover, they are relatively heavier and need more work for installation than the same sized pole model.

They typically come in a similar range of colors, making it easy to find one that suits your event. If you prioritize practical needs and don’t mind the extra costs and complicated work involved in installing one, then a frame tent is the perfect choice for you.

Consider the Tops and Parts

Event tents are created with different types of fabric. But the two most significant parts of the event tents are the top and frame. Regardless of which kind of tent you prefer, you only have two options when considering the supporting structure of the event tent. These are steel and aluminum.

The most crucial difference between these two materials is their weight and strength. It will help keep in mind that aluminum is the flexible option, but it easily bends compared to its steel counterpart. Contrastingly, steel is exceptionally heavier, making it durable but less movable.

Consider the Costs   

When shopping for event tents, costs are also a significant thing to look for when deciding between the tents’ suitable material. Event tents manufactured with aluminum are sometimes more pricey compared to steel ones. But the vast range of gauges and steel types implies no good rule. Besides, costs tend to vary from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, it is best to consider your budget and see the price range.

When it comes to the tops of the event tents, they always depend on the type of tent you pick. In most occurrences, you may lack a choice about the materials used in constructing your top. But there are exceptions that you need to take into account. The practical options are the vinyl and polyester top.

Polyester is considered the most common material used to design most event tents tops. They are long-lasting and water-resistant. However, most manufacturers prefer vinyl since they offer incredible UV protection and weather resistance to standard polyester counterparts’ roofing. They also vary in flame and dust resistance but are typically costly compared to polyester. 

Keeping all these things in mind you will be able to choose a high-quality event tent.


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