Digitized Solutions For Better Bar Management

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While a bar may not seem like the best business to own at the moment, everything is possible with good management and a bit of innovative thinking. 

The pandemic forced bar owners everywhere to re-purpose and re-plan their business development, but it also opened the door to new experiences. This way, when things go back to some sort of normal, we will have a richer, more authentic bar culture to enjoy. 

One of these new experiences is a turn towards technology, as more bars implement digitized solutions that improve management and help with social distancing. Plus, these solutions are not just for the pandemic; the integration of advanced management technology will give bar owners a competitive advantage. 

If you’re interested, here are some of the most useful digitized solutions you may want to integrate at your bar:

Digital Menus

Paper/cardboard menus may be tangible and provide that old tavern feel, but they also come with a pile of disadvantages. A digital menu, on the other hand, is easy to edit and share, plus it never gets dirty. 

Let’s take a small brewery as an example. If the menu is printed or written in chalk, it is only available at the location. However, if they use a digital beer menu, it can be shared on various social media channels, posted on the website, and it’s way easier to manage. 

Plus, a digital menu can be integrated with a digital ordering system that allows customers to place their orders without having to talk with a waiter.

This helps with social distancing and protects both your staff and your customers. Not to mention that it allows you to better manage busy nights with fewer people (cost efficiency at its finest). 

Management Software

Gone are the days when you would keep your books and suppliers in an Excel sheet! Your business needs a management solution that can track orders, send out notifications, allow for collaboration, and integrate with other software solutions. 

The best management software solution needs to fit your needs and business model, but it will help you save time and money. 

Solutions for the Best Customer Experience

Unless you are the only bar in town, people will have various options when it comes to choosing their watering hole. The best way to make sure your bar will be among the top three contenders is to work hard and create a positive customer experience every time they visit. 

One easy way to make sure your establishment will always be chosen is to set up a free WiFi network that’s safe for customers to use while there. People nowadays don’t like to be offline for too long and access to a safe WiFi network will add to the overall experience. 

Various Payment Methods

Card, cash, phone, or watch – these are the standard payment methods that should be available in any location that provides a service. If the option is limited to just cash, you’ll send most customers away. 

Plus, a reliable POS system does a lot more than just diversifying payment methods. It also helps keep track of your employees, inventory management, and sales. The system can be integrated with the main management software solution or a CRM system and will provide insight into your business’s progress.

It’s also one of the most cost-efficient investments you can make for the benefit of your bar. 

Key Takeaway

Digital technology is a great opportunity for bar owners (and business owners in general) to cut down costs and find more efficient management solutions.

However, you will have to find and invest in the best solution before you can start drawing the benefits. So do your research and find the best tech providers for your needs. 

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