B2B News for Wednesday, March 2, 2022: Luxury Institute Reads the Room, Happy Endings for Happy Finish

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Yesterday, as the world continued to watch a former Ukrainian comedian’s transformation into one of the world’s braver individuals, The Luxury Institute released its advice to brands for creating trust with “affluent, wealthy, and uber-wealthy consumers.”

The eight tips offered in the release are designed for brands “to test and optimize over time to build trust and find an intelligent path towards respectful, symmetrical customer data relationships. As third-party cookies fade, and privacy regulations emerge, brands can use these recommendations to evolve their practices to get much closer to prospects and customers and achieve trustworthy, mutually profitable relationships over time.”

While no one expected the Luxury Institute to do something meaningfully responsive to current conditions, like tracking the planes of Russian oligarchs, the release is missing the most practical tip. Any luxury brand that does not ensure its customers aren’t facing sanctions for invading nearby countries, definitely needs to review its practices.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/luxury-institute-from-cookie-centric-to-emotionally-intelligent-digital-luxury-marketing-301492546.html

Content production studio Happy Finish has announced the appointment of Lyndon Greenlees as its new Director of Strategic Partnerships.   

Greenlees replaces Jerome Botbol, who has been promoted to Head of Immersive. The appointments come in anticipation of the launch of the agency’s Metaverse Steering Group (MSG).  

Greenlees is responsible for managing key accounts across Happy Finish’s content and immersive offerings.  He was formerly with Group Nine Media, where he was Director of Global Partnerships.

As the new Head of Immersive, Botbol will be acting as a champion and evangelist for creative tech solutions.  

“As we ramp up our immersive multi-platform capabilities, it was important we strategically prepared our resources to best meet the needs of our clients. Jerome’s promotion to this new role is designed to do just that. His unrivalled expertise in this area also gives us the right recipe to launch MSG,” said Mirko M. Scolari, CEO of Happy Finish. “Alongside this, Lyndon’s strategic, account focused approach, tech credentials, and impressive track record of successful commercial partnerships, mean he’s well placed to make a strong contribution to our ambitious growth plans.” 

Further information: https://www.happyfinish.com/

Pretaa has launched a solution for B2B sales reps to address the shortage of time and easy access to critical account information. 

“Throughout our careers, we have experienced the same sales issue time and time again, across a whole host of industries,” said Pretaa co-founder and CEO Michael Madon. “Management is frustrated that sales reps aren’t performing despite a massive investment in tech, tools and customer management systems. Meanwhile, the reps on the front line of the business are struggling to find the information and answers they need to meet quota; either from a lack of time and resources or a lack of access to key information flows. And the result is always the same: underperforming sales reps, unhappy customers and missed revenue goals.”

Veteran sales leader and EVP Lisa Pope has joined Pretaa’s board of directors to bring the solution to market. Pope has a long track record in enterprise software sales, with 30 years of executive experience at Epicor, Infor, QAD, Oracle and NCR.

“We expect sales reps to find and use information currently buried in siloed systems. On top of that, we expect them to be aware of everything from forecast and personnel changes, to churn risk and upsell opportunities—and respond in real time—it’s really a ridiculous ask,” said Pretaa co-founder and COO Tim Jackson. “What companies need is a way to aggregate all of this information in a super simple way and put it right at the reps’ fingertips.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pretaa-is-on-a-mission-to-break-the-cycle-of-underperforming-sales-reps-301492120.html

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