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5 Strategies for Shopify eCommerce Success 2022

These past few years have made people shop online more than ever, and businesses had to digitalize their stores sooner than expected. Shopify has gained a lot from this. Now, it has about 2 billion active users and it is one of the best platforms out there if you want to launch your online store.

However, getting customers’ attention is challenging regardless of the platform you’re using. To increase your business’ sales, you need to implement some tips and tricks to separate from the competition and thrive.

Get your inventory right

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Maintaining inventory is tricky, but essential to your eCommerce business. Without getting it right, you would start to delay, overstock, and fill orders incorrectly. Besides unnecessary expenses, these mistakes result in losing customers. 

One key factor that enables your Shopify store to succeed is how well you handle your inventory. Shopify inventory management reduces costs and manages product requirements. It can be set both for physical and digital products. Your goal here is to slice the cost of maintaining inventory while providing constant stock levels and quicker deliveries.

Getting inventory right is balancing between securing enough available products at all times and not wasting any of them. Once you have it tracked accurately, you will be able to let your customers know when products are out of stock. Additionally, it’s a way to find out your most popular items and focus on them.

Choose your products carefully

Think about selling a variety of products, because this will get you more money. Of course, this does not mean you should sell everything you can, but rather that you should expand your search inside your niche. 

The products you sell should be unique and popular, so choose what you’re familiar with. If you have pets and know everything about cat and dog products, consider launching a pet supply store. This way, you will deliver the best descriptions and suggestions, and guarantee that all necessary items are included.

If you need ideas, you can always research. For example, you can look up product trends and choose something popular that everybody is using nowadays. To do that, search for influencers, Instagram and TikTok trending items, and so on. Just remember the trends are changing fast, and it’s not easy to stay ahead.

Make a professional design

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Your store needs to look professional if you want to increase your sales figures. A catchy, attention-grabbing logo is a must, but you should also choose a theme design and the images that are relevant to your brand.

If you struggle to get all of this right and you want to avoid your store looking like many others, hiring a professional designer to modify the look of your website is something to consider.

Finally, your items need to have their respective pages, and those pages should include:

  • Item name (when naming products, be clever and innovative);
  • Item description (describe it in detail and as accurately as possible);
  • Images and videos (use all angles and allow zoom so the details are shown);
  • Shipping information (recap the main details);
  • Customer reviews (positive reviews are the best convincer);
  • Add-to-cart button.

Promote your store

To promote your online store, you first need to know what your target audience is. Communication with your target market should be direct as well as through ads and social media.

Social media is a jungle of advertising, and you need to use everything it has to offer. So, boost your social media presence and choose lively images and captivating videos.

Consider using paid promotions, as they are the quickest way to get your brand out there and encourage sharing content. Don’t be afraid to start communicating through emails, offering new deals and vouchers.

You can partner with similar brands to promote each other or work with an influencer that can get your product in front of a huge number of potential buyers, improving your brand awareness.

Keep your customers happy

As you gain new customers through advertising and marketing, you have to think about keeping them satisfied. If you receive negative feedback on something, solve this immediately and use quality products.

If there are problems with shipping or slow delivery, your customer support must be available all the time to fix the problem and make sure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, make sure to reward your loyal customers with vouchers or discounts.

Final words

Following these strategies, you’ll be able to set, launch, and grow your Shopify eCommerce store. With a great design, valuable products, and effective marketing, nothing can stop you from succeeding. 

It takes effort and dedication to be successful. If you want to stay relevant and improve your sales growth, stick to your plan and enjoy every step of the way. 


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