How to advance your career while taking a year off

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Taking an extended period off from work to focus on work and personal goals is a growing trend. Sabbaticals can expand your professional network, increase résumé value and marketability within your industry, form new business relationships, aid in career advancement, and help you decide if a particular type of job is right for you.

The other several benefits of taking an annual break from your work include time to reflect on your goals, time to travel, explore new interests or activities; breathing space from routine; increased energy level, career clarity, insights, exposure to colleagues from other organizations, job satisfaction, etc. 

Since there are several aspects involved in creating a successful sabbatical plan, it’s essential to do some planning to make the most of your time away from work.

The first step is deciding when and how long you want to take your sabbatical and how you wish to utilize the break. 

Pursue Higher Education

Taking a year off from work, an individual can choose from numerous programs comprising several masters degrees online, which can considerably pay off in the long term. Yet perhaps the most significant benefit of pursuing an advanced degree is that it helps you grow as an individual and professional. 

It doesn’t even need to be related to your current career; you can make a start in changing your job if you so wish by pursuing a different path. Maybe you want to look into a career in technology or IT, or even look for the best forensic science college to help you develop a new job in law enforcement or take a different direction.

By focusing on higher education while taking a year off from work for career advancement, you may be able to increase your retirement savings and thereby shorten your retirement horizon.

Physical and mental well being 

We are aware that stress at the workplace takesits toll on our physical and mental health. Taking an annual break from work is an essential step in rejuvenating yourself, allowing you to focus on mental and physical recovery during this time of rest.

As you reflect on your last year of work, you may find that you have lost sight of what life is all about. As a result, you are concerned about taking a career break that has been your focus for years. 

Don’t worry; you can carve out the time to rejuvenate yourself by exploring new interests, connecting with family and friends, developing a healthy lifestyle, or simply taking some much-needed time.

Developing a new perspective

Taking a long annual break from work is a great way to jump into a second career. In addition, some people take time off to travel and volunteer, while others choose to use the break as an opportunity to explore new interests in multiple areas, be it arts, science, sports, life skills, and so on.

For example, you might decide to take time away from work. At the same time, you gather information on a specific job that had caught your interest but was not advertised when you originally applied for positions or a workshop to acquire a new skill set and start your career in the same field.

No matter the reason, the break from a mundane work routine will help you discover new perspectives of life paired with opening up a plethora of opportunities for you to choose from.

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