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B2B News for June 2, 2022: AgTech Robots Come to Canada, HUB Cyber Security Buy Back

As Election Day looms over the province of Ontario, with no surprises expected, no one is mentioning that about 1/3 of those polled are composed of landline owners. Robocalls and robotexts are still working non-stop to reach those remaining. Fewer than half of eligible voters are predicted to fill out a ballot.

Polls and surveys aren’t the only tasks seeing increased automation. Agricultural jobs that have long been difficult to staff may also see some changes. Solinftec is bringing its Solix Ag Robotics AgTech robotic platform to Canada. Working in partnership with Stone Farms and the University of Saskatchewan, the company expects to have the solution available for next year’s wheat season

“Technology and how it is implemented in agriculture will play an even more critical role in our future,” said Rob Stone, owner of Stone Farms, “We know Solinftec continues to innovate for the better of the agriculture economy and the addition of their robotics platform will only enhance our work together. We are excited about the possibility for this technology to improve the way we manage inputs with enhanced real time information.”

The platform will reduce the risks associated with the use of chemical and biological pesticides. Using information generated by the platform, only low volumes will be applied with high precision on the required place at the right time.

“As we’ve done in regions across the globe, we are taking the robot directly to the fields to learn at a hyper-local level how they perform,” said Leonardo Carvalho, Solinftec’s operational director lead in Canada. “The cutting-edge robotics technology will help develop agricultural solutions and support sustainable farming practices. Having the continued support of Stone Farms and the University of Saskatchewan during a season of testing the new technology is a great opportunity for Canadian agriculture.”

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Israel-based HUB Cyber Security has announced a buy-back of up to $4.5 million US of its shares.

“The purchase of the shares is the most logical and practical step in using the company’s resources, given the expected merger with SPAC at $10(NIS 34) per share and transition to a Nasdaq listing,” said CEO and founder Eyal Moshe. “The buy-back represents a dividend-in-kind that will benefit all our shareholders and it is our way to show appreciation to the investors that have supported us so far during our growth and transition in the past year.”

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Is your workplace having trouble sharing knowledge between departments? Are individuals creating those responsibility-limiting silos that prevent easy communication between all sectors? The problem may not be management incompetence. It’s probably just narcissism.

It is widely understood that when different units in the same company share information, it boosts performance and creates a competitive advantage.

According to a new study narcissists in management positions hinder this knowledge transfer due to a sense of superiority that leads them to overestimate the value of internal knowledge and underestimate the value of external knowledge.

“Many big companies are what one would describe as multi-business firms, an organizational form where you have a corporate parent and subsidiary units,” said co-author of the study Abhinav Gupta, associate professor of management in the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. “The financial logic for why these firms exist is so that knowledge and skills that reside in one unit can be used in another unit.”

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