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B2B News for Thursday, July 21, 2022: Maestros of the Metaverse List, Pivotree Partnership

What companies are poised to become the “Maestros of the Metaverse”?

IFI CLAIMS, a digital science company, believes patent applications will tell us.

The company’s partners at Barcelona-based IALE Tecnología studied all of the metaverse-related patent applications made over the past five years.

“Our analysis has found that over the past five years, metaverse-related patent applications have doubled to more than 2,000 across 842 companies, research centers, universities and individual applicants, spanning hardware and software in a range of technologies,” said Enric Escorsa, CEO of IALE Tecnología.

Based on the data, the top 10 companies poised to determine the direction of the metaverse based on the number of their related patent applications over the past five years are:

  1. Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC (158 patents)
  2. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (122)
  3. Magic Leap Inc (109)
  4. International Business Machines Corp (71)
  5. Disney Enterprises Inc (40)
  6. Facebook Technologies LLC (38)
  7. Adobe Inc (31)
  8. Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc (30)
  9. Intel Corp (27)
  10. Snap Inc (27)

Press release:

Pivotree and Spryker have entered into a partnership agreement. The commerce services provider and digital commerce platform plan to combine Spryker’s platform architecture with Pivotree’s Commerce-as-a-Service offering.

“In combination with our long history of technical excellence and culture, we bring a unique solution to the market as compared to other digital agencies and system integrators. We are thrilled to partner with a market-leading company like Spryker to bring this combined offering to market for the first time in North America,” said Joseph Lee, GM Commerce at Pivotree. “Our partnership is focused on supporting our B2B customers who have complex ecosystems and requirements, and with Spryker’s platform flexibility and composability along with its robust engineering capabilities, we will enable our customers to accelerate their digital transformation at any point in their journey.”

Press release:

CaptivateIQ has announced its latest updates. The sales commissions management platform now enables sales representatives to view statements and make inquiries at any point in the fiscal the quarter. This capability enables finance to resolve issues before issuing payroll.

“With CaptivateIQ, we eliminate potential payout issues that would otherwise surface on payday,” said Sean Emberley, Sales Operations Analyst at Planview. “CaptivateIQ’s preview statement inquiries help ensure that sales reps don’t have to wait to get paid if there are payout disputes, which can take weeks after the month closes before they get paid. Questions and disputes are now resolved as they occur throughout the month, which helps our finance team resolve them and gives sales teams encouragement that they are getting paid on time and accurately.”

Press release:


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