Where To Start With Marketing When You Know Nothing About It

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Most people getting into business are already well aware of the important role that marketing has to play in the role of growing it. Simply put, it’s how you get people to notice and come to your business. However, it’s such a broad umbrella of different disciplines it can be very difficult to know precisely where to start. Here, we’re going to look at what steps you should consider taking first.

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Think about the audience

Marketing is all about effectively messaging your audience so that they are more likely to step a step deeper down the conversion funnel, from curiosity to interest to make the sale. However, the best way to communicate with someone is to consider who you’re communicating with. Identifying your target audience, from their demographics to their lifestyles right down to their needs is going to allow you to talk much more specifically to them and those needs, which will make them much more likely to respond positively to your marketing messaging.

Think about the brand

Once you have that idea of who, exactly, you’re trying to reach lodged into your mind, then you have your target market. How you reach your target market is by crafting a brand. Your brand is the combination of the visual identity, the brand story that defines your business’s purpose for existence, and the attributes or thoughts that are likely to be attributed to it by your target market. Take the time to develop a logo, visual style, and even what kind of language and “feel” you try to go for with your company. A strong brand reinforces strong marketing very effectively.

Work with the experts

With your brand and audience figured out, it’s time to work out which is the best way to reach them and to use the different marketing platforms to their fullest potential. This is where things can get tricky. In the world of marketing, especially digital marketing, there are many different disciplines, from pay-per-click ads to search engine marketing to social media and so on. Working with marketing consultants such as Joey Armstrong can lend something of a roadmap to business owners who don’t know how to get started with their own marketing. A little expertise and tried-and-tested experience can be learned by working with the right professionals.

Dig in and get studying

While you’re working with professionals who can get your marketing campaigns up and running and while you’re taking notes about what, exactly, is working for them, you should be building your own knowledge base, too. Remote learning sites like FutureLearn offer plenty of digital marketing courses that can allow you to better understand the principles underpinning all marketing efforts as well as the specifics of each platform that can allow you to better master them. You want to be able to build up your skillset so that you no longer need to rely on outside help as much.

Don’t worry if your marketing journey doesn’t look exactly like the others in your industry. Finding and playing to the strengths of your business is what matters above all else.

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