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Hiring Grad School Students: A Smart Way to Grow Your Business

Whether you’re working to increase your company’s visibility or simply looking to expand your staff in a cost-effective way, hiring recent grads can be an excellent solution. Working with students is a great way to grow your business while giving those students the experience they need to thrive in their field. Working with grad school students can benefit almost any business, from fast food chains and hotels to marketing firms and technology companies. These tips will help you understand what grad schoolers can offer you and how you can work together for mutual benefit.

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How to Find and Recruit Graduating Students

Before you can hire any employees, you have to find suitable candidates. Finding and recruiting the right candidates will be the first step toward hiring grad students. You can advertise directly to universities and colleges, but attending university careers fairs is also an excellent way to meet students and introduce them to your business. You can also advertise in more traditional ways by putting an advert out online or in a local newspaper.


The problem with hiring students: They’re too talented

While there are many advantages to hiring students, there are also some drawbacks. For example, one issue is that students often have various job offers. They may be able to choose where they want to work, so you’ll have to make yourself stand out. Another potential issue is that students are generally inexperienced. While this can be a potential drawback, it can also be beneficial, depending on your business needs. Overall, though, students come with a lot to offer, and hiring them can be a great way to grow your business. In addition, students are often eager to make an impression and prove themselves, so they can be a great addition to your team. For example, students can help you with:

  • Increasing sales – Grad students can help with sales and marketing. 
  • Finding more employees – Grad students can help with administrative tasks or other jobs that don’t require years of experience. 
  • They bring expertise – Grad students can offer knowledge in a variety of fields. 
  • Increasing your business’ visibility – Grad students can help with PR or marketing to get your business in front of new audiences. 

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Grad School Employees Can Solve Your Staff Shortages

Employers hiring grad students often get employees who are eager to prove themselves can be a huge advantage for many businesses. Grad students generally fit into one of three categories: 

  • Entry-level positions – These positions don’t require years of experience and can be great for hiring grad students. 
  • Entry-level positions requiring special skills – These can be ideal for grad students, especially if they don’t have experience but have certain special skills. 
  • Specialized positions – Grad students can often fill specialized roles, such as marketing or PR positions, that require a specific skill set.

No matter what way grad school students join your workforce, grad school will have prepared them for working life. Moreover, many like James Dolan, who attended grad school, found the experience useful for widening what would have otherwise been limited career possibilities.


Hiring Graduates On a Contract Basis

Grad students often prefer to work on a contract because it gives them the flexibility they need while finishing their studies. Contract workers are generally free agents who can take or leave jobs as they please. This can be a great way to hire grad students for your company, especially if you need temporary help in a specific department. Contract workers are often employed for particular projects and then let go once those projects are complete. Contract workers can be a great way to fill in skills gaps and get help with specific projects as needed. Contract workers can also be a great way to hire students who are looking for real-world experience before graduating and moving on to full-time positions.


Hiring Graduates Full-Time

Grad students can also be hired full-time, a great way to get a top-notch employee and expand your company. Hiring grad students full-time is a great way to get top talent while also helping those students gain the experience they need to thrive in their field. Full-time grad student workers are often hired for administrative tasks, such as helping manage HR, IT, or other office functions. Full-time grad student workers can also be great for marketing, PR, and other creative tasks like content writing. Full-time grad students can also be helpful in various ways, such as training new admin and sales employees.



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