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Common Effects of Iron Deficiency on Your Overall Health and Wellness 

Iron deficiency is the cause of the most common type of anemia, a condition in which the hemoglobin level in red blood cells is lower than it should be. The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen to tissues.  This means that low iron levels prevent the body from getting the oxygen it needs. Iron deficiency can be manifested in your body through various symptoms. 

Increased anxiety-like behavior 

Iron deficiency in the body causes low production of B12 in the brain, which maintains the myelin tissues surrounding nerves. The main function of this sheath is communication between cells. When this becomes compromised, it can lead to neurological changes in the nervous system, which can cause anxiety disorder in some people. 

People with increased gastrointestinal issues find it difficult to absorb B12. Patients who are on reflux and heartburn medications are also vulnerable to deficiency. B12 is needed in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin that manage mood. This shows the indirect correlation between iron deficiency and anxiety. 

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Women who eat iron-rich diets are less likely to develop PMS symptoms. The main source of iron is proteins like poultry, beef, and other meat sources because they are more easily digested. People who don’t eat meat need to eat twice the amount of vegetables to get enough iron. 

Iron is necessary for the body to reduce the risk of PMS in young women. The certified medical care professionals at iron IV therapy in Chicago by Drip Hydration offer at-home iron infusion treatments. These iron treatments correct low iron levels in your body and gradually enhance your iron absorption capacity. 

Pregnancy complications 

Pregnancy is a time when women are more likely to suffer from iron deficiency anemia. It can result in there not being enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the fetus. This can increase the risk of  premature birth, underweight babies, and postpartum depression. 

Taking vitamins and an iron-rich diet during pregnancy can prevent iron deficiency anemia. Your healthcare professional may also prescribe an iron supplement for those with certain health conditions. Animal, poultry, and fish products are ideal sources of iron as it can be easily absorbed. 

It compromises the immune functions 

Your body’s most effective defense mechanism is the immune system which protects you against harmful outsiders and prevents diseases. When the immune functions are compromised due to low levels of iron, you become vulnerable to infections. To make it worse, health complications arising out of iron deficiency are not easy to detect. 

Iron is essential to the production of red blood cells, which supply oxygen to lymph nodes.  Lymph nodes produce white blood cells, which fight infections. When lymph nodes don’t get the oxygen they need,  the white blood cells they produce are not as strong, increasing the likelihood that you will get sick.

Skin diseases and poor wound healing 

Anemia rashes caused by iron deficiency appear as tiny red dots called petechiae or itchy skin. Symptoms differ based on the cause, but usually, the skin can become bumpy, sore, and red when scratched. These skin conditions that can occur anywhere in your body are caused by the skin getting thinner due to low levels of iron. 

Iron deficiency not only causes skin diseases but also delays wound healing. Medical professionals often treat delayed cutaneous wound healing by increasing the iron levels in your body. This fuels production of more hemoglobin, ensuring tissues receive sufficient oxygen.  This promotes collagen production which is necessary for wound healing.

Those with inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) are at higher risk 

People with inflammatory bowel disease are more likely to develop iron deficiency anemia.  This is due to chronic blood loss and tissue inflammation, which impairs iron absorption.  People with IBS should regularly check their iron levels, as early iron deficiency anemia symptoms are often overlooked. 

Intravenous and oral iron treatments can help alleviate inflammatory bowel disease, as iron deficiency can lead to more severe symptoms.. If poor diet and digestive health underline the deficiency, you need to focus on healing the gut before adjusting nutrient levels. Put differently, you need to ascertain whether digestive system imbalances are contributing to iron deficiency or vice versa. 

Delayed development 

Iron deficiency in early childhood can cause behavioral disturbances and developmental delays, such as decreased motor movements, attention span, and social interaction. Even if the iron deficiency has not progressed to anemia, it can contribute to developmental delays and cognitive impairment. Maintaining proper iron levels early in development is essential for children’s health. 

Alleviating early childhood iron deficiency can have long-term benefits. Efforts to prevent cognitive impairment and delayed development should include providing kids with adequate nutrition. Foods that contain vitamin C can help the body absorb iron faster and more efficiently. 


Make sure your daily diet contains the right food items that can give you a healthy dose of iron for your sustenance. Some food can help you absorb iron faster, whereas others may hinder it. A nutritionist will be in a better position to advise you on the type of food and the right amount to be included in your diet. 


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